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For far too long the Black community has suffered injustices in the U.S.  For many of us, we are all too familiar with the experiences of which many non-Blacks are just now, waking up to. The realities that, in 2020 our skin color still limits our advancement and threatens our safety due to systemic racism. We  walk  around much more conscious of our safety. We are constantly striving to prove that we are just as smart, just as worthy, just as valuable as everyone else. We are the second most marginalized community in America, and the first Worldwide.


Welp, we are tired now. We are tired of so many things. Most of all, we are tired of racism masked as fear of someone's life, resulting in more Black dead bodies. As employees we are tired of doing the most work for the least pay.  As a company, we are tired of being overlooked when it comes to funding, opportunities or collaborations due to our owners' skin color. We are tired of being low-balled and over charged. We are tired of trying to prove that we are just as good as the other Pop-Up. 

At Sip Shop Eat, Black lives have ALWAYS mattered. Not just because we're black owned but because We LOVE and support the beauty, complexity and invaluable contribution, Black: lives, businesses, women and men contribute to all that is good and enjoyable in the World. Especially food, style and drinks. I mean seriously, Where TF would we be without Black creativity? Without Black Style? Without Black FOOOOD. We give so much to this World it's time that we matter. We can not wait any longer. Our ancestors waited. Our grandparents waited. Our aunts and uncles waited. Our parents waited. We are too talented, too smart, too creative and we ARE NOT going to take it anymore. 

Of course, we are up to date with what is going on in the World, but more importantly, we live what is going on. We are grieving, we are resilient, we are thrilled, that we are FINALLY being heard. It almost feels like a change is finally coming. Yet we must keep this momentum going. We've gathered resources below to help guide our community on what they can do next. We do it for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others who did not make national news. We do it for all us. Enough is Enough.

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Taylar, CEO & Founder, SSE