COVID-19 Small Business Resources

Small businesses (including us) are doing our best to survive amid the devastating impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Since we're all in this together, we have developed a list of resources that may benefit you or a small business owner that you know.



The Links below provides direct links and resources related to COVID-19 Small Business relief and guidance.

If you are an artist or self-employed: Both California and New York State have expanded their unemployment insurance policies to allow for both artists, self-employed and general "tip earners," to receive unemployment benefits. Select "CA Unemployment," below for more information for California guidance and "NY Unemployment," below for New York guidance.

Other important steps to take:

1. Request Rent Abatement: Residential and Commercial landlords are prohibited from conducting eviction activities for 90 days. However, tenants are instructed to alert their landlords in writing. Alert your landlord that you cannot pay rent due to your financial circumstances related to COVID-19. You may be required to substantiate your financial hardship (e.g. demonstrating job or wage loss).

2. Apply for Unemployment: If you have lost wages or business as a result of COVID- 19, you may qualify for Unemployment benefits (click the links below for your state).

3. Apply for Healthcare, Food, Childcare Benefits: If your healthcare or ability to provide food, adequate childcare for yourself/dependents has been affected, you may qualify for free programs like Medicare, TANF, WIC, or other food programs. Consult your local county for resources and instructions to apply.

4. Delay utility payments, credit card payments, cancel subscriptions: If you are experiencing a financial hardship and find it hard to pay any of your bills, reach out to your bill collectors and creditors requesting extensions or postponement of bills that may be due. If there are any subscriptions you currently do not use, consider canceling or pausing subscriptions to save money.

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We have also included resourceful guidance below from industry experts.

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