December 12-13th:

Due to the rising increase of COVID-19 cases, increased local restrictions and risks associated with gatherings over 10 people we have regrettably made the decision to postpone the IRL December 12-13th event. We want to pivot our December event to a live stream virtual event featuring panels, vendors, interactive tutorials, cooking demos, crafts, drinks and more. We are currently working out the details, that will follow shortly. The tentative dates for the virtual event are: December 19-20th!

COVID-19 Safety Measures (NYC November 14-15th, 2020)

Location: Hook Studios

General Safety Measures:

- Staff, Vendors and attendees required to stay home if sick
-  Semi Outdoors

- 25% Capacity

- Masks and hand sanitizer required for entry for all attendees

- 6 foot distance between all vendors

- Purifying HVAC system (purifies environmental air)

- Touchless sinks

- Temperature checks for all staff, vendors and attendees

For staff:

- Masks, Gloves and Protective equipment throughout entire shift

- Frequent hand washing

- Continuous cleaning 

- Quarantine for 14 days prior to the event

- Complete at Rapid COVID-19 test 7 days before the event

For Guests: Drinks and snacks are all pre-packaged. Designated Drinking/eating areas within the venue.

At Sip Shop Eat, the safety of our vendors, attendees, and staff is our top priority. We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation via trusted public health sources including the Centers for Disease Control and the New York Public Health Department. We are excited for you to join us at the Sip Shop Eat Pop-UP, and we are implementing the following best practices to make sure the event is as safe as possible for everyone.
Please read our COVID-19 disclaimer below before applying to the Sip Shop Eat.


  •  Quarantine for 14 days prior to the event

  • Complete at Rapid COVID-19 test 7 days before the event. If your test is positive, please contact event Management for a future event credit.

  • Wear masks at all times

  • Set up their booths in a farmers’ market style with tables, shelves, and/or rolling racks facing out  

  • Wipe down surfaces hourly with disinfecting wipes

  • Maintain 6’ distance from other vendors and attendees

  • Stay home if they are sick or are exhibiting any symptom associated with COVID-19

  • Limit the number of staff in their booth to 2 people, including themselves

  • Use touchless payment methods and not accept cash as a primary method of payment.

  • Be a resident of a Tri-State Area county


  • Wear masks at all times

  • Sanitize Hands Before, During after the experience

  • Wait in a designated line with clearly marked social distancing guides in order to enter the market

  • Stay 6’ away from any person outside of their own group

  • Limit touching items

  • Stay home if they are sick or are exhibiting any symptom associated with COVID-19


  • Wear face masks at all times

  • Will ensure that vendors and attendees follow safety guidelines

  • Will space vendor booths 10’ apart to allow for social distancing

  • Limit attendee capacity by cordoning off the marketplace area with barriers, staffing the single entrance and exit to the market, and strictly monitoring the number of attendees entering and leaving the marketplace

  • Place free-standing hand sanitizing stations throughout the market

  • Create one-way aisles, with each aisle being 10’ wide

  • Exclude all and any staff who is sick or exhibiting any symptom associated with COVID-19

  • Place signage at the entrance of the market as well as throughout market itself reminding all employees, vendors, and attendees to wear a mask, remain 6’ away from each other, limit touching of items, and to avoid the area if they are exhibiting any symptom associated with COVID-19

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID–19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID–19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. By attending the Sip Shop Eat, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure of COVID–19. You further acknowledge that SSE cannot guarantee that you will not become infected with the COVID-19. You understand that the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected by COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself and others, including, but not limited to, SSE staff, Sip Shop Eat vendors, and Sip Shop Eat attendees.

8/31/2020 (October 3-4):

The October 3-4th event is canceled after polling confirmed vendors. Scheduled events will resume in November.

8/10/2020 (September Events):

After polling the curated selection of vendors for the September NY and SF IRL events, we have determined that it is not safe to continue each event as planned. As a result these events have been cancelled. Ticket holders may submit a request for refund via Eventbrite if tickets were purchased through the platform. For tickets purchased on the SSE website, please email for a refund.

7/13/2020 (July-August CA Events):

After polling the curated selection of vendors for the July and August SSE IRL event, we have determined that it is not safe to continue each event as planned. As a result July has been postponed until September 19-20th. August will be rescheduled within the coming weeks for some time in 2021. Ticket holders may submit a request for refund via Eventbrite if tickets were purchased through the platform. For tickets purchased on the SSE website, please email for a refund.

4-16-2020 (May-June NY events)

NY state implemented social distancing orders prohibiting large gatherings initially ending this month. Today Govt. Cuomo announced that these orders will remain in place through May 15th. While we are excited to hear of plans to ease social distancing measures and lockdown orders. We have assessed the situation and regrettably made the very painful determination that rescheduling our May and June events to September 5-6 and October 3-4 is in the best interest of the collective. 


We know this news is disappointing as we have repeatedly held out hope that we could continue as planned. However, our New York home-base, while strong, is also very vulnerable right now and we want to be sensitive to both our vendors and guests during this unprecedented time. Truthfully, we feel that May and June are just too soon to forge ahead. That moving forward with our original dates may present undue pressure on you as our guests and, our vendors who may be hurting even as lockdowns ease.


We believe that rescheduling the events to nearly 5 months away, allows some time to pass, and wounds to heal. 


3-18-2020- (May-December events)

Scheduled SSE events are scheduled to continue as planned. There are no plans to cancel SSE as a result of COVID-19. We are actively accepting new vendors and promoting ticket sales. Our vendors will be the first to be notified if local authorities require the cancellation of this event due to COVID-19. Please check your emails for updates as that is our primary way of making contact with confirmed vendors and guests. 

3-16-2020- (San Francisco April 18-19 event)

On Friday, March 13, 2020- Mayor London Breed ordered the cancellation of events and gatherings of 100 persons or more through April 30th. In compliance with this order we are canceling our April 18-19th Pop-Up event. Our vision and mission is cultivating community by bringing owners and shoppers together. We want to be responsive to our community of both brands and shoppers during this time of uncertainty.

As you may know, we’ve invested thousands of dollars in the production and coordination of this event and this cancellation results in a devastating loss for us as organizers and to you as our guest. We have worked with the venue to transfer our April deposit to our July event. We are asking that you keep your April tickets transferring them to our July 18-19 event or our September 19-20 event.


Please bear with us as we make this transition. Please respond to this email alerting us of whether or not you are choosing to transfer to a future date. If your schedule does not allow you to transfer to an available date we understand and will do our best to develop a solution that works for you.

We are so sorry about this loss and truly appreciate your understanding, support and flexibility.



We are taking the COVID-19 public health crisis very serious. In response to recent notices by local public health leaders and government officials we are sharing the following updates:

Small businesses (especially events, hospitality and entertainment businesses like ours) around the World are being hit the hardest as a result of this pandemic. In the spirit of entrepreneurship we are adapting to these challenges. During this time of social distancing we are working hard behind the scenes to prepare safe and clean upcoming events. Our events will include: glove use and frequent hand washing for SSE staff. The venues we partner with are regularly cleaned and staffed to uphold the highest safety standards. We will also offer our guests hand sanitizer throughout their experience.


We encourage you to continue supporting us and our community of small businesses.

How can you support?

  1. Reserve your Ticket to one of our events!

  2. Shop our brands

  3. Commit to supporting the event/entertainment industry when we conquer this pandemic!

We plan to list our featured brands for our upcoming events in the next week so that you can also support them online!

There are no plans to cancel scheduled Sip Shop Eat events as a result of recent event cancellations in NY, SF and LA. Current event closures are scheduled to last through March 30th in: New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Sip Shop Eat events begin on April 18th! We are excited to continue promoting the events and accepting vendors for all open dates.

Note: If our venues and local government restrict our events (beyond our internal control) we are prepared to comply by rescheduling events and offering both brands and guests the opportunity to transfer their reservations. Our events are still on!

Important links:

For COVID-19 prevention:

Public Notices:




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