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Discover a new marketplace for people who like shopping small. 

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Marketplace by SSE

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A new type of Marketplace:

Marketplace by SSE is a new type of marketplace powered by Sharetribe. Marketplace by SSE is designed to allow entrepreneurs from all over the World to set up shop online, drive sales, and build their customer base.

Start Selling now, it's free!

It's free to start selling in the Marketplace by SSE. It's as simple as creating an account, uploading your pictures and product details. SSE drives traffic to the marketplace by crafting engaging social media ads featuring products available in the marketplace! 

How it Works

How it Works

You upload your dope products.

We make ads that drive traffic and sales.

We help brands grow their digital reach.

Our marketing strategy involves all of the below:

100K+ Impressions

A collective reach of over 100K digital impressions via Social Media ads, e-Blasts, Private Facebook Groups, organic content creation and more.

- Editorial Blog write ups featuring brands listed in the marketplace.

- Features in the SSE weekly e-Blasts.

Social Media Promotion

We create content featuring products listed in the marketplace. Sharing content with our growing social following of over 16K (IG, FB & TikTok combined). We deploy paid ads to reach shoppers on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & YouTube through exciting paid ads.

Influencer Gifting and Sponsored Giveaways

Receive a collective reach of over 100K through our influencer program which places your products with our internal and external network of creators, influencers and potential fans through sponsored giveaways.

Sponsored means we try the products for ourselves and  pay for the costs of promoting the giveaway/product placement.

You fulfill the orders

We do the promotion. We send shoppers to the marketplace. 

You fulfill the orders.

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