And Diem

&Diem December 15th

LoveSherè House of Styles

LoveSherè House of Styles, LLC December 15, 2019

Simply Sunday Candles

Simply Sunday Candles December 15, 2019

Harper Sage

Harper Sage December 15th

Mariposita Jewelry

Mariposita Jewelry December 15th

Bath Salts and Soap

Vita Da Fiore Skincare December 15, 2019

Shayne NYC

Shayne NYC December 14-15th

Regal Star

Regal Star December 15, 2019

Pop Pins NYC

Pop Pins NYC December 14-15th


Chillogy December 14-15th

Line by Moi

Line by Moi December 14-15th

Gola Gal

Gola Gal December 14th


BKLYN Balls December 14-15th

A Loyal Society

A Loyal Society December 15, 2019

Aromatherapy Oil

Calm Better Days December 15, 2019

Antigua Skin

Antigua Skin December 14th

Coco Cooper

Coco Cooper December 14th


Brausiline December 14-15th

Nothing haunts you like the shoes you do

in a gruv December 14, 2019

Face Oil and Sponge

Glow Beauty December 15, 2019

Zoftig Boutique

Zoftig Boutique December 14-15, 2019

Vie Chic

Vie Chic December 14th

Rings on Display

Pernices Pieces December 14th

Phenomenal Belle Boutique

Phenomenal Belle Boutique December 14-15, 2019

Fashion is my Chocolate

Fashion is my Chocolate December 14-15th

Runamok Maple

Runamok Maple December 14-15th

SolScape Beauty

SolScape Beauty December 14-15th

This spring, #sip _motospirits _sipshope

Moto Spirits December 14-15th


PinD-Up December 15th

Bittles NYC

Bittles NYC December 14-15th

Sugabee Cosmetics

Sugabee Cosmetics December 14-15th

Washa Candles

Washa Candles December 14th

Hair Extension Colors

Versatile Beauty Bar LLC December 14th

Soap and Herbs

Naturally Everything December 14th

Sipps Organics

Sipps Organics December 14th

ASE Body Care

ASE Body Care December 14th


Mariya Kelly December 14-15th

Sweetistry Dessert Bar

Sweetistry Dessert Bar December 14-15th

Saucey and Wub Designs

Saucey and Wub Designs December 14-15th

Pretty Cocktail

Unwind with Divine December 14th

Paul & Joe Beauté

Paul & Joe Beauté December 14-15th


Fifth Element Gems December 15th


December 15th

Lemonelle November 9-10th

house of topper

House of Topper November 9, 2019

Dopely Lit

Dopely Lit November 9, 2019

Natural Soap

Ahsak Skin Care November 10, 2019

"	AfroLatina Healing Crystals"

AfroLatina Healing Crystals November 9, 2019

Pixie Lane

PixieLane Nor and Jill November 9, 2019


DenimRush November 9, 2019


Total Life Changes November 10, 2019

Seek Your Truth

Seek Your Truth November 10, 2019

Electric Earth Ceramics

Electric Earth Ceramics November 9th


ZOE + ELLE November 9th

Syx Candle Co.

Syx Candle Co. November 10, 2019

Stitchd Factory

Stitchd Factory November 9-10th

Lip Gloss

Ayla Mia Cosmetics November 9, 2019

Homegrown Jewelry

Homegrown Jewelry November 9-10th

Maiden Denim

Maiden Denim November 9th


Millie's Luxury Closet November 9-10th

Lashed by Sass

Lashed by Sass November 9, 2019

Lily Max

Lily Max November 9th

Hellgate Farms

Hellgate Farms November 9-10th


Getaround November 9-10th

jo bees honey

Jo Bees Honey November 9-10th

Lucindas Looks

Lucindas Looks September 29th

Saharas Essentials

Saharas Essentials September 28


Chameleon Cold Brew September 28-29 (National Coffee Day)

Surita Simone

Surita Simone September 28

Brin's Jam

Brin's Jam September 28

Moment of Clarity Vintage

Moment of Clarity Vintage September 28

Famous Frenchie

Famous Frenchie September 29

In my own lane boutique

In my own lane boutique September 28, 2019

OnPointe Lash

OnPointe Lash September 28, 2019


Zoftig Boutique September 28-29

Lula May

Lula May Design September 29

Airmail Anthology

Airmail Anthology September 28-29

Brown Eyes

Ivy Rose Beauty September 28-29, 2019

Fly Mod Clothing

Fly Mod Clothing July 28, 2019

J White Collection

J White Collection July 28, 2019

Prints by Sgl

Prints by Sgl July 28, 2019

Ava Melissa Designs

Ava Melissa Designs July 28, 2019


Nohemm July 27, 2019

Fudge Brownies

LOUDIES July 27, 2019

Bela K Naturals

Bella K Natural July 28, 2019

Brooklyn Gemzz

Brooklyn Gemzz July 27, 2019


We are New Farmers July 27, 2019

Afternoon Tea

The Cozy Cup July 27, 2019

Signed E.

Signed E. July 27-28, 2019

Birthday Cake

Williamsburg Brooklyn Parties July 28, 2019

JD Body Treats

JD Body Treats

Shop Total Chicness

Shop Total Chicness July 27, 2019

Self Made MJ

Self Made MJ July 28, 2019

Fleur Elise Bkln

Fleur Elise Bkln July 28, 2019

By Our Hands

By Our Hands July 27, 2019

Alchemy Body Shop

Alchemy Body Shop July 27, 2019

Gold Earring

CGIX Designs July 27, 2019

Griled Meal

Soul2Sea July 27, 2019


Bunzee Bands July 27-28, 2019

crakd apparel

Crakd Apparel July 27, 2019


Nuriyah NYC July 27-28, 2019


Okko June 23, 2019

Peach Socks

Peach Socks June 23, 2019

Dreams by

Dreams by Drinie June 22, 2019

Bare & Free

Bare & Free Beauty June 22-23


Arikahs Handmade Jewelry June 22, 2019

Uriel Boutique

Uriel Boutique June 22, 2019

Fukkatsu NYC

Fukkatsu NYC June 22-23, 2019

Cherry Bomb 2

Meet Cherry Bomb June 22, 2019


Jumz Accessories June 23, 2019

T-minus 30 days to the T! _mymomochiicec

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream June 22-23, 2019


Sonia Noel Inc. June 23, 2019


Embuye Jewelry June 22, 2019

31 Agency

31 Agency June 22, 2019

Cover by Starr

Cover by Starr June 22-23, 2019

Shop _beautibones next Sunday _sipshopea

Beauti Bones June 22, 2019

Concrete Sunflower

Concrete Sunflower June 22, 2019

Iris Jewelry

Iris Jewelry June 22, 2019

The Vegan Shawarma

The Vegan Shawarma June 22, 2019


Vidaality June 22, 2019


Retropolitan NYC June 22, 2019

Suspence Shots

Suspence Shots June 23, 2019

Zoe + Elle NYC

Zoe + Elle NYC June 22, 2019

AFMA Academy

AFMA Academy June 22-23

Mercee Arome

Mercee Arome June 22, 2019

Hoja Verde Chocolate

Hoja Verde Chocolate May 18-19, 2019

Timeless Beauty Bar

Timeless Beauty Bar May 18-19, 2019

Kaer Danish Design

Kaer Brooklyn May 18-19, 2019

Market Vintage BK

Market Vintage BK May 18, 2019

Eat your 💕 out with _dessertsbyamanda r

Desserts by Amanda May 18-19, 2019

Posh Fem

Posh Fem May 18-19, 2019

Atavist Apparel

Atavist Apparel May 18-19, 2019

Chocolate Cupcakes with Berries

Queensberry NYC May 18, 2019

The Young Outlet

The Young Outlet May 19, 2019

Rock Paper Chic

Rock Paper Chic May 18, 2019

Seazen Soaps

Seazen Soaps May 19, 2019

Journey By Style

Journey by Style May 18, 2019

Ava Melissa designs

Ava Melissa designs May 18, 2019

Us Two Tea

Us Two Tea May 18-19, 2019

the purest genius

The Purest Genius (Style) May 18-19, 2019


Avalah (Self Care) May 18, 2019

Fashion in Yellow

Moment of Clarity (Style)

Purple Maroon

Purple Maroon (Style)

Gold and White Cake on a Stand

BakeEnvy (Food)

Modern Jewelry

Touchstone by Valerie (Style)

Signed E.

Signed E. (Style)

Fohm Co.

Fohm Co. (Self Care)


TerriAshley (Style)

Johnee Lightning

Johnee Lightning (Style)

Phit Clothing

Phit Clothing (Style)

Preppy And Punk

Preppy And Punk (Style)

Sabrosa Vegana

Sabrosa Vegana (Food)

Butter Up!

Butter Up! (Food)

Vena Rico Designs

Vena Rico Designs (Style)

Apricity Collective

Apricity Collective (Self Care)

SIPP Organics

SIPP Organics (Self Care)

Drink your 😍 out _sipshopeat! Our #vip

Ketel One (Drinks)

Pink Blush

The Femme Beauty



JandY leather creations

JandY leather creations

Studio In

Jay Elle

Jay Elle

royal sheek beauty

Royal Sheek Beauty

_stateoftheartvintage was started in May

State of The Art Vintage

freely project

Freely Project

Shop Didara


Ava Melissa Designs

Ava Melissa Designs



Bath Sugar and Body Spice

Bath Sugar and Body Spice



By Oumou and Natasha

By Oumou and Natasha

AMA Connection

AMA Connection



Sovereignty Beauty

Sovereignty Beauty



Folkloric Jewelry By Elena

Folkloric Jewelry By Elena

Sorry but nothing beats winter ❄️ style!

Rhude Gal Mob

Jam's Cakes

Jam's Cakes

Eat your (healthy) 💖 out with _orchidsa

Orchids & Sweet Tea

Signature Scents by Hand

Signature Scents by Hand

Knits And Nash

Knits & Nash

Apricity CBD

Apricity CBD

Jen Stock Designs

Jen Stock Designs

Danny D's Delacacies LLC

Danny D's Delacacies LLC

Shop your 💞 out #preview! Featuring __.


Brooklyn Essence

Brooklyn Essence

Satya + Sage

Satya + Sage



Sarafine Inc.

Sarafine Inc.

The RBF Kitchen

The RBF Kitchen

Brighter Days Candle Co.

Brighter Days Candle Co.

Nicole Designs All

Nicole Designs All


Standard Wormwood Distillery

MD 13 Jewelry

Let it Be Worn

Sacred Earth Stones

Sacred Earth Stones


DownEast Lobstah

Naturally Everything

Naturally Everything

The Gilded Stone

The Gilded Stone

JD Body Treats

JD Body Treats

Krafty Shop Studio

Krafty Shop Studio

Lucy Lola

Lucy Lola

MnM fashion

MNM Fashion

Weekend plans in _duskanddawnco 🛍 shop

Dusk + Dawn Co.

JE Layton

J.E. Layton



jewels of june

Jewels of June

Yummie Wear

Yummie Wear

The Sweet Love Company

The Sweet Love Company

Terri Ashley NYC

Terri Ashley

RB Sweet Treats

RB Sweet Treats

Embroidered Panda

Embroidered Panda

Even Keel Soaps

Even Keel Soaps

7 Artisan Street

7 Artisan Street

Thirteen Fit Apparrel

Thirteen Fit Apparrel


Yes You Can.dle

Cupcake with Berries

Seasons Baked Goods

Decorated Birthday Cake

It Started with a Cupcake

Speaking of #boss lady ✨ _shopcovetedsty

Shop Coveted Style

David Sussman

David Sussman Design

Bon et Bio Tea

Bon et Bio Tea

Wanted Worldwide

Wanted Worldwide

Alex Streeter

Alex Streeter NYC

Latte Art

Battle Cat Espresso Bar

That part

Kemi Designs

Who doesn’t LOVE sexy tings_! Shop _unde



Aunt Gwen

Leavin work like..

Create the Culture Embroidery


Paparazzi Accessories

GOAT Cosmetics

G.O.A.T Cosmetics


Hooks and Luxe


Tea N Jam

Cereally Baked

Cereally Baked

Jennifer Hudnell Art

Jennifer Hudnell Art

Gummy Moon

Gummy Moon

Trade Street Jam

Trade Street Jam Co.

Pink Banana, White Nails

CynVixious Nails

Get in mah bellieee round ✌️ _dessertsby

Desserts by Amanda

Automic Gold

Automic Gold

41 winks

41 Winks

Gabriela Jewelry

Gabriela Jewelry

Gold Bracelet

State of the Heart Vintage

Bennu Vegan

Bennu Vegan

All me beauty

All Me Beauty


Pantry Products NY

mackenzie cosmetics

Mademoiselle Mackenzie Cosmetics

_feelsnyc is about feeling good in what

Feels NYC Vintage

Patricia Costa Clothing

Patricia CostaClothing

modest chic boutique

Modest Chic Boutique

feel good foods

Feel Good Foods

Healthy, Refreshing Beverages

Healthy, Refreshing Beverages Sweet Roads Bev

_ms.eyecon ✨  Every woman has her weapons. Her makeup is warpaint. Friends are her backup. And her b

Ms. Eyecon

LC Studios

LC Studios

colored girls hustle

Colored Girls Hustle

Pin-Up Blond

Cat Lady Vintage Style

Permanent Vacay (_permanentvacayshop) started with a little skull doodle back in 2015 that finally c

Permanent Vacay Shop

Cutout Shapes

Bloo House Art

Katilu Home

Katilu Home

✨ is  a multidisciplinary visual artist based in New York City, whose work is a part of p

Jen Hud Art

loyalty & heart

Loyalty & Heart Clothing

indigo pony designs

Indigo Pony Designs

Glale style

G.Lale Style

mama lams

Mama Lam's

Studio Cult

Model Posing Bare Shoulder

Yhue Beauty

Chia Pudding

Twisted Falooda


Sky Britnei


Coveted Style


Bodhi Leaf Designs


Ping Hatta


Pierre Laborde

Ice Cream Flavours

Scoops in Cahoots


Beads By Diansia


Eight 12 Shop

Fresh Pickles

The Pickling Poet


Major Shoppe


Mardan Skincare


Marisa Spinello Jewelry

Naty Cat Pins

Naty Cat Pins


Fatty Cakes NY


Ohana Vintage

The Crowned Rabbit


Terra | Tory

Remnant Co.

SHOP. _theblingsling {December 9-10, 2017} 12-6pm • 1054 S. Olive St

The Bling Sling- Clever Designs LA

SHOP. _thekeyhistoric • December 9-10, 2017 _ 12-6pm • 1054 S. Olive St

The Key Historic

SHOP! The #handmade collection of _lipsandcake _December 10th 2017 _#handmadejewelry _#madebyhand _#

Lips & Cake


The Purple Shoe Project

EAT! _drunkencakepops at The Collective Market • December 10th • 1054 S

Drunken Cake Pops


14th Rose

STYLE. at The Collective Market • { _shopgirlparty }December 9 & 10th 2017 • 12-6pm • 1054 S

Shop Girl Party

SHOP. _stateofwildshop {December 9-10, 2017} 12-6pm • 1054 S. Olive St

State of Wild Shop

EAT! _chillbachi at The Collective Market • December 9-10, 2017 • 12-6pm • 1054 S. Olive St

Chill Bachi

SHOP. _peyote.coyote _ December 9-10, 2017 • 12-6pm • 1054 S. Olive St

Peyote Coyote

SHOP. _petradeluna December 9 & 10th • 1054 S. Olive St

Petra de Luna

Repel Clothing

REPEL Clothing


Taste Maker Supply

SHOP. _clearcalendars {December 9-10, 2017 • 12-6pm} 1054 S. Olive St

Clear Calenders

PRESTON and james

Preston and James


Le Mondeur



MD 13



De Islas

white birch candle co.

White Birch Candle Co.


Vena Rico Designs

apotheca beadery

Apotheca Beadery

giant phantom designs

Giant Phantom Designs

green mountain energy

Giant Mountain Energy

Hany's fire tonics

Hany's Fire Tonics


Jo Rae Go


Kate's Sister

Caps Brothers

Caps Brothers

Significant Problems


SHOP. The _millennialgrl collection at SIP. SHOP