Beauty + Self Care

Manifest your best self. Shop tools for Tarot reading, meditation, yoga, and crystals, bath soaks and guides for self-discovery.

Sky is our Limit

Formulated in Switzerland, made in Italy, Eldan Cosmetics approach is designed to give consumers an overall sense of personal well-being, health & beauty.

Eldan Cosmetics

Quality Cosmetics, tools and accessories. 

Keisha Elise Cosmetics

Handmade, plant-based natural skincare.


Create your own little spa right at home! Self Love Pop-Shop has all the tools you need in one convenient box!

Self-Love Pop Shop

Luxurious hair and skin care for both women and men!

Goddess Unique

Premium quality, eco-friendly: haircare, skincare and hygiene, for the entire family. 

Royal Sutton Body and Skincare

A marketplace of Hemp based self care and food based products

The Charlitty

 High quality, hemp-derived skincare and wellness products that are plant based, clean and effective. 

Crop Beauty LLC

Fresh and radiant cosmetics line, made to embrace all ages, personalities and styles.

Mademoiselle Mackenzie Cosmetics

3D Minked Lashes

Lavishly Lashed

Take the guess work out of taking  your medications/supplements. It's better than a pill box


Gluten-free and luxurious moisturizing lipsticks, lip glosses, matte finishes and face powders.

Einnaf Cosmetics

Everything your skin needs from cleansers to moisturizers and masks with nutrient rich ingredients your skin needs.

Noor Origins

Shop organic body scrubs and detoxifying bath salts

Vegan Chica

Lip gloss that taste like your favorite glass of wine. YUM




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