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A New Book Club just for Entrepreneurs

There's a new opportunity for Entrepreneurs to connect and it's 100% free. Sip Shop Eat's new Book Club for Entrepreneurs curates a list of empowering reads designed to motivate and stimulate business, personal growth and elevation. As the Owner, founder of Sip Shop Eat, I have massively benefited from reading self-help books. Applying the principles to my personal life and business. I wanted to share my love of learning and information gathering with the community at Sip Shop Eat and beyond!

Even though the Book Club is designed for entrepreneurs, anyone can join! We will feature a "Book of the Month," with the first collective read beginning early October 2020. Entrepreneurs interested in joining just need to subscribe to Sip Shop Eat's exclusive Book Club email list and join us on the app. The Club is planned to meet virtually, once a month and will feature read-a-louds and virtual networking including: Polls, Quizzes and principle sharing through the Book Club's exclusive digital group.

I love empowering brands, giving back everything I've learned along my entrepreneurial journey. This is just another extension of my passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

The group was launched just yesterday and it's already growing! We're looking forward to a new way to connect with entrepreneurs in a no-agenda, down-to-Earth setting. Click here to join us in the Entrepreneur's Book Club! We're also interested in suggestions, got a book we should add to the list? Tell us here.

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Ethan Romero
Ethan Romero
Aug 29, 2021

Lovvely post

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