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Benefits of Live Shopping

When I hear "live shopping," the days of printed maxi skirts pop into my mind. There are so many reasons LuLaRoe catapulted into success, and their live shopping events were a clear part of that. Let's tap into that mindset and use Live Shopping to increase your profits!

Here are three reasons to try Live Shopping:

1. Build Community. My personal number one piece of advice for business success is always Build Community. People love belonging and your customers want to feel a part of your tribe. At a live shopping event, they're interacting with you and with other like minded consumers.

2. Scarcity. Think of the countdown clock on a home shopping network. The idea of "once it's gone, it's gone" can push your customers to buy something today that will not be available tomorrow.

3. Novelty. Live shopping is something different. Approach it like a virtual party and make it fun. It's another avenue to reach your customers, and why not try all available routes?

Have you tried Live Shopping either as a seller or buyer? Let us know your experience in the comments.

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