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Digital Communities & Email Lists that should be on every Entrepreneur's Radar

It's a great time to be an Entrepreneur. Not because it's easy, because it isn't. It's a great time to be an Entrepreneur because there are SO many resources available for Entrepreneurs. We've started this blog as a resource for entrepreneurs to discover platforms, communities and email lists that should be on every entrepreneur's radar.

1. Create & Cultivate is a career woman/entrepreneur's Mecca! There is literally so much to take advantage of in this community. From their Instagram to their digital conferences. CC offers a complex community that every entrepreneur can benefit from.

2. Every Stylish Girl is a platform dedicated to the amplification and acceleration of Black and Brown women in Media. This community is #BlackOwned! Founded by The Cut's Social Media Editor, Nana Agyemang. This platform gathers Black and Brown women, providing networking opportunities, job openings and resources for advancing individual careers and businesses.

3. Girlboss community- A personal favorite! We love the Girlboss community because there are so many specific groups that female bosses can join: by region, interests, goals and more. The Girlboss community is 100% free to join. They organize meet ups, immersive events and their email list is always interesting and informative. We've made so many amazing connections through the Girlboss community- it's how we found our Virtual Assistant. We highly recommend it.

4. Girls Night In- The mission at Girls’ Night In is to help women relax, recharge, and cultivate a more meaningful community in an increasingly lonely and stressful World. We recently discovered this community on Instagram and we are so happy we did! GNI is POC owned and female founded. They offer amazing opportunities connecting women through immersive experiences, book clubs, and more. They also recently launched an exclusive membership community with over 4K members and a growing wait list to enter. There's a lot to experience on their email list and Instagram.

5. Female Founders Collective- FFC is a Worldwide network of entrepreneurial women founded by Rebecca Minkoff. FFC was established to enable and empower female led businesses and organization by providing learning opportunities, funding resources and strategies.

6. Buy from a Black Woman- Is a non-profit organization created to empower and inspire Black female entrepreneurs and the women that support them. BFBW offers: a listing of Black female-owned/operated businesses for people to shop and support. In addition they feature grant opportunities, networking and learning opportunities.

7. Boss Women Media: For working Queens who are navigating the workforce to side-hustling entrepreneurs. BWM is a multi-city organization using their platform for the empowerment of Black and Brown women.

8. Handmade in Brooklyn: As a Collective HMB provides freelance education to navigate the freelance lifestyle and gain strong leadership skills to be independent creatives, collaborators and business owners.  Through monthly gatherings, HMB uses their intimate social networking circle to BE the local resources and inspiration for each other and to help push our professional & personal creativity outside of the box. 

9. Creative Women Build: Is an amazing, motivating community offering so many resources for start-up hustlers. In fact, they've created the Start-Up Network for entrepreneurs. They offer great tools and worksheets creating practical tools for entrepreneurs to implement the strategies they curate.

10. xoNecole: xoNecole is a media company on a newly defined platform for young women to share their personal stories, indulge in career, beauty and relationship tips, and speak their minds on the latest in culture news and politics.

xoNecole's mission is to promote positive images of women of color as well as empower, educate, and inspire millennial through our interviews, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, career and travel features.

Shameless plug: Like many of the networks, communities and email lists we've listed above Sip Shop Eat is designed to empower and amplify small businesses and the people who run them. We offer #IRL and #VirtualPopUP selling opportunities, a wonderful blog, a membership just for entrepreneurs, our newest edition: the Entrepreneur's Book Club and so much more! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a network, community or email list we should know about? Comment below and let us know!!