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Classy & Sassy

How can you resist a good hoop? Exactly you can't! To all my Sip Shop Eat jewelry experts this business is a hoopers dream.

You can pair these beauties with a cute necklace and ring set or just rock them solo, but one thing is for sure a great hoop earring never goes out of style! So take a seat and browse through the creative eye of Hoop88Dreams while we share our fav looks on the site!

Square Biz

Teena- Is a unique buy and not so much for the average eye! We are breaking into a artistic creation that brings a bit of fun to your hoop collection. Pair this square with vibrant colors and a 90's vibe that will turn heads and steal the room.

Silver Lining

Diamond Cuts - For all my ladies that aren't looking for a heart of gold check out the Hoop88Dreams silver collection. Simple and Sheik all in one all for the girls who know the shinier way of life.

Lil Mama

Pam - Sometimes less is more and you can still have a great hoop in a smaller size! Put a cute suit on and boss up in corporate with a little flavor! The Lil Mama collection gives you Boss Energy with a small twist. Switch the game up so they never see your fashion swag coming.

You can catch Hoop88Dreams on the Sip Shop Eat website under the virtual pop up section for jewelry. Creative everyday, upscale, & business looks to add a pop of character to your accessorizing!

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