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What's the Tea Sis? Shopping Guide for the Sip Shop Eat IRL Pop UP!

ARE YOU READY? Sip Shop Eat is back like we never left for our 1st SSE Event of the Year! ATL Shawty! March 19th-20th we are taking over the A-Town with all the dope small business owners of Georgia. Don't miss out on the first opportunity of the year to get the good vibes rollin.


Enticing creativity that makes heads turn. You won't have to think twice about whether these pieces are original. A great piece that stands out turns a plain canvas into a masterpiece!

From Left to Right: Aesthetic Appeal Jewelry ShopConsciously Ela RissJewelry Rose City Goods Phervoni Gran Dam Collection


There is no place like home taking care of YOU! These lines will all play a part in your self-care days when all you need is a bubble bath. Those work out days when all you need is a Yoga mat. As well as those beauty days where the focus point is skin. Sounds good for a Sunday afternoon!

Left to Right: Sunshinymoon, Yomoi Skin, Saorsa, Nubian Expressionz LLC, SheSculpt LLC, Omorfoderma, iSlay Beauty Co, Mimi's Craft Market, Lit La Git, Fitvolution Shaper, Hampton Mornings, Goddess Unique, Essential Body Options LLC, Cool Wellness Cafe, Commitment to You, Buli Life, Devasena Intuitive Healing, Unapologetic Yoga LLC, The Secret Garden Pole Fitness Boutique

Home Decor/Aroma/Crafts

Did you know that aroma can set the tone for your mood. Citrus smell increases your energy, peppermint helps you focus, lavender keeps you calm, & pumpkin ignites your aphrodisiacs. Let your nose lead the way to all the booming creations for your decorative side!

From Left to Right: Craft Happy, Caroline Pryce Creative, Emmerse LLC, MJBcreations, Mantra Mugs, Ignite Within Candles, Winx Candles, Union Theory, Scent du Soliel, Glitter and Glam Events


We can't put the Sip or the Eat in SSE with out mouth watering delights! Whether you want a meal or have a sweet tooth we got you covered. We even have a tasty treat for those fur besties you left at home.

Left to Right: Yare Cooks LLC Sabroso Teasand Tisanes Tea Amour LLC Higher Powered Herbal Studio First Bite Cheesecakes Betr Juic'D Fortify Nutrition By Ish Breukelen Rub All Fur Us Cakes by Davia


You need a cute vibe for errands, business, and date nights in the city? Welp the last stop on our guide will have you replenishing your closet and walking into the next season swagged out! We know shopping is therapy so don't forget to make it original with these talented creative designers.

From Left to Right: SHIFT Stylehouse, Yellow Sun Girl, Strawberry Disco, The Virgin Outlaw, Oceanblew, Pretty Gang Clothing, Petronellas Ladies Apparel, Nomads Swimwear, Samantha Lynn, Acid Drop Designs, Aesthetik Collection, MaJesstic Designs, Gianine LLC, Chiwrapz, BL&V Corp, A.C.E. Apparel, MAEMA Totes, Madison May Boutique, For The Hunnies, GZone The Technology Universe, Ade by Femi, FrmDwLove

Be sure to visit all these brands and more at Sip Shop Eat March 19th-20th. Enjoy handcrafted creations, make unforgettable memories, and a huge impact by shopping small! We hope to see you there! Get Tickets here!!


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