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  • How many vendors are involved?
    SSE aims to include the maximum number of vendors that any given location can accommodate (between 50 to 100 brands). For each event we accept many brands ranging in specialties such as: - Food/Drink - Fashion - Vintage - Jewelry - Home Decor - Art - Collectibles We feature many unique brands in each category. There is no limit to the type of brands in each category we accept, depending on the demographic and event location.
  • When is payment due?
    Payment is due during the registration process. Your registration is not complete until payment is received through our secure registration form. If there is any reason your application is not accepted, vendor fees will be returned to you less the $35.00 application fee.
  • How many people are expected to attend?
    SSE can not determine the exact number of guest but expect between 1200+ attendees at each event. Note: SSE does not guarantee any specific number of attendees
  • What is the projected demographic of SSE attendees?
    SSE attracts attendees of all ages, races and backgrounds. However the majority of our attendees are between the ages of 25-35; 70% women and 30% men. Due to our marketing strategy many attendees are seeking one of a kind beauty, fashion, and food products and a unique shopping experience. Many tend to shop multiple vendors.
  • Are Vendor spaces still available?
    As long as the date is listed on our Vendor Registration Form, the date is available. Once the date is fully booked, it will be removed from the form.
  • Can I see the venue before the event?
    The venues are private event spaces. To take a look at the inside of the venue and the location addresses please take a look at the location page.
  • How big is the 10x10
    The 10x10 is big enough for a 6 to 8 foot table and two racks.
  • How big is the 5x5?
    The 5x5 space is big enough for at 4 foot table and two racks on each side. Or one 6 foot table.
  • How is the event marketed?
    SSE is primarily marketed on Event websites like TimeOut, Fever, and Eventbrite. We also partner with local bloggers, influencers and websites to promote. In addition our marketing budget is heavily centered on social media advertising (Instagram & Facebook).
  • What if I can't attend at the last minute?
    If you can not attend the event you may be given the opportunity to transfer your space to a future market. However, this decision is solely up to management. There are no refunds for any reason.
  • How do I enter the discount code
    Once all required sections of the application is completed select Submit. Then at Checkout, click "Discount Code" Enter the appropriate discount code. Select "Apply" The discount code should show up if eligible.
  • Can I get a refund if I don't make sales?
    No. There are no refunds for any reason.
  • Is there parking for vendors?
    Most of our venues will have dedicated parking lots or street parking surrounding each venue. Spaces cannot be guaranteed.
  • How are spaces assigned?
    The market organizers consider the space requests, the venue floorplan, and the general flow of traffic in assigning spaces. In order to provide an intriguing event we try to avoid setting up the same type of vendors right next to one another. Additionally, we attempt to put more seasoned vendors near less seasoned vendors as to provide learning opportunities for new vendors.
  • Are there bathrooms on site?
    Yes bathrooms are provided.
  • Does the space have heating and AC?
    Yes. The space is a climate controlled indoor venue.
  • Application Acceptance Qualifications
    - Complete Application - On Trend: Food, Style and Drinks - Positive Attitude, demonstrated in application - Acceptance of SSE Rental Agreement SSE does not accept Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Vendors.
  • Are there fitting rooms?
    Yes SSE provide mobile fitting rooms
  • I still have questions. How do I get in touch?
    Please use our Get In Touch form to submit additional questions here:
  • Is there a Deadline to apply?
    Applications are accepted until the event is full. Once the date is no longer available it will be removed from the registration form. To be added to our waitlist you may email
  • When will I know I am approved?
    You will be notified of your application status within 1-5 business days of your submitted application (Monday through Friday).
  • There are a limited number of spaces but we have to pay a vending fee up front - if our applications do not make the cut, do we receive a full refund aside from the $35.00 application fee?"
    Yes, if your brand is not accepted, you will receive a full refund except for the $35.00 application fee which is non-refundable.
  • Do you have any payment plans for the vendor fees? If so, what are the plans available?"
    We offer payment plans via PayPal pay in 4. This option is available based on individual PayPal settings and eligibility.
  • Are vendor required to have Tax ID#, Food Handlers License and things like that?"
    SSE Does not require this information on the application. Each brand operates as an independent business at the event. It is important to know that each business is expected to registered with the applicable agencies, collect and pay applicable taxes.
  • What is the total cost of the event?
    The total cost will depend on the space size you are applying for. If you scroll down the following page you will find a box on the right side of the page titled “THE INVESTMENT” which has the different prices of the spaces: In addition, our “pricing,” page outlines the costs as well:
  • Does the price include a 5x5 table or do you have an option to bring your own?
    The price is the base price for the 5x5 space which can be designed according to your brand’s aesthetic. We offer table rentals which are an added $24.00.
  • Will we have to set up & tear down both days at all the locations?
    There is no need to tear down on Saturdays if you are vending the entire weekend. You would only need to tear down on Sunday.
  • Is there an option to only vend 1 day instead of both?
    We offer one day spaces at select locations. Please see our event schedule. Full Weekend events require vendors to participate on both days.
  • How many reps are allowed?
    2 reps for a 5x5 and 4 for a 10x10.
  • Is there any way to know if our space is against a wall or not?
    We can add a request to your reservation to be near a wall. Please note that we always do our best to accommodate your needs. However, we cannot guarantee placement near a wall.
  • Can I also bring a table and an extra chair along with the one I rented from the event ?
    Yes as long as it fits in the allocated space.
  • On average, how much product do vendors bring to sell?"
    We typically recommend bringing more of your best sellers. Our vendors have indicated selling out of their best sellers earlier on during the event so we always recommend bringing more of that!
  • Does Sip Shop Eat provide Tables? If so, what size are they?
    SSE rents tables for a fee (see price list/application) Tables are 4x30 in size.
  • Does Sip Shop Eat provide chairs?
    Chairs can be rented for a fee of $12 per chair per weekend.
  • Outdoor Spaces
    If you reserved an outdoor space, You are not permitted to upgrade to an indoor space on site. The event is rain or shine. IF IT STARTS TO RAIN, we will do our best to find a space for you indoors NOTE THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED. Umbrellas are provided for outdoor 5x5 vendors. Outdoor 10x10 vendors may bring a WHITE ONLY EZ UP- IT IS OK to have a branded tent. You may bring your items inside overnight on Saturday when the event ends.
  • Prepared Foods, Meals, Baked Goods or Ready Drinks pricing?
    Prepared Foods, Meals, Baked Goods or Ready Drink vendors are defined as vendors serving hot meals, baked goods, and edible treats, hot or cold beverages. Prepared Foods, Meals, Baked Goods or Ready Drinks vendors are welcome to take advantage of reduced vendor fees during the application process. If this special pricing is selected during the application process, Sip Shop Eat requires that 10% of gross vendor sales are remitted to Sip Shop Eat within 7-10 business days following the event. Sip Shop Eat admin will reach out to each Food/Beverage vendor approximately 5 business days after the event to request an overview of gross sales. Vendors will then be invoiced for the remittance of 10% of gross sales. Vendors who prefer not to remit 10% of gross sales post event should choose standard booth pricing. Note, food vendors may choose standard space pricing if they prefer not to take advantage of reduced vendor fees/split sales post event.
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