Join Sip Shop Eat's Virtual Holiday Pop-UP

This year has been crazy right?! Welp the holidays are basically here and we want to help your brand get discovered this Holiday season. We've created SSE Virtual Holiday Pop-UP to help you reach as many people as possible this fall/winter season! Here's how it will work:

Investment: $295.00

note: space is limited to a small number of applicants increase brand success

90-Day feature

in the SSE Virtual Pop-Up from October 2020-

January 2021

Black Friday Deal Dash

Your store discounts promoted throughout our network

Get all the features of the virtual Pop-UP package +

12 Days of Christmas e-Blasts promoting the brands featured in this special Pop-UP

Inclusion in the SSE Holiday Shopping Gift Guide- 500K impressions

Holiday giveaway.

Your brand will be tagged in the giveaway and promotions will run across all social media platforms

Basic Package Features:





90 day feature in the Virtual Pop-UP




*Custom Featured Instagram Post(s)

*Custom Featured Stories (with swipe up link)

*e-Blast (s)



*1 Free Entrepreneurial Training Course




Virtual Pop-UP Playbook


- Choice of IGTV 2 min max

- or Chance to Go Live

How it works




Complete your Application selecting a virtual Pop-Up shop or

Virtual Shop Listing.






Your site is added to a curated vendor shop (including featured brand imagery linking directly to your site.)






We add your brand to the promotion queue including sponsored posts



Select a time for your IG Live or IGTV to post



Customers are driven to your site; increasing: email lists, new followers, sales!


You fulfill orders directly as orders are placed on your site.




By the numbers

Average Ad Reach

per Month:

500,000 people

Marketing Avenues



OutBrain Ad network partners:

TimeOut, CNN, People, Complex, etc

Where Your Vendor Fees Go:







Digital reach

Average monthly website view:


SSE Community

12K + Instagram followers

2K Facebook followers

5K Email subscribers

230+ site members

About Our shoppers:





Age Range

24-45 years old

What our partners say:

Virtual Pop-UP Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual Pop-UP?

Sip Shop Eat is an online curated Pop-Up shop with rotating brands from all over the World. Sip Shop Eat spotlights select brands to its network of over 17K+ food, style and drink lovers. We also promote through paid ads and social media promotion. Brands are featured on in the SSE virtual shop for 30-90 days. SSE selects an images from the brand partner's website and links to the brands chosen URL. The SSE team creates custom content for each brand including social stories, feed posts, Blog posts and dedicated e-Blasts *Blog posts are for 90-Day Virtual Pop-UPs only. Note: Brands selecting shop listing only do not receive custom content development or dedicated promotion.

How do I participate?

Complete our application and wait to hear from us! Once the confirmation email is sent you will receive the appropriate links for scheduling your IGTV or Live. Once approved it may take up to 5-7 business days for your virtual marketplace listing to go live.

What is the selection criteria?

We love brands so we're pretty much open to anything. Vendors must review and accept the Vendor Agreement, complete our application and be prepared to fulfill direct customer orders. We generally seek brands that fit our general aesthetic and fall into a product based business. Brands should express enthusiam for promoting their partnership with SSE also driving their own audience to the platform to Discover, Shop and Experience collective experiences SSE offers.

How will it work if/when I am selected?

Following submission of your completed application, we will reach out to confirm that you have been selected via email. The email includes a link scheduling IGTV or IG live. Approved brands are listed within 7 business days and remain active for 30-90 days based on their application requests. Within the selected time period brands will be featured and promoted. For example, if you select 30 day pop-up, your brand will be featured within the 30-day period. Brands selected in the 90-day option are featured multiple times throughout their Pop-Up. Rest assured we will tag all your posts on Social Media when promoted. To view your e-Blast, you will need to subscribe to Note: We can not gaurantee sales.


Please go to the Pricing Page for current virtual Pop-Up pricing lists. All fees are non-refundable or transferrable. Pricing:

When will my social posts be scheduled?

Your social (Instagram + Facebook Feed posts and stories) will go live some time within the 30-day timeline. SSE posts are scheduled in advance weekly. Each brand is featured over the 30 day period in a first come first serve fashion. Each brand will be featured before the 30 day period ends. Each posts will be tagged and linked to the URLs specified in your application.

What should I do for IGTV?

IGTV is a platform for which longer length videos may be shared/promoted on Instagram. IGTV is another way for brands to share and promote their offerings to the SSE community. You may consider any creative concept as we always encourage vendor expression and creativity! You can do anything from a: product review, tutorial, demonstration, recipe, or event! We leave it ALL up to you. Just send us a copy and select a date you'd like the video to post on the calendar through the Calendly link. The IGTV will be published to SSE social pages on or after the selected date. Here is an example:

What is the IG Live option?

If you choose to go Live on IG: - You may choose a QA or a Live selling event. Once you decide, you will be issued a link to schedule either. For the QA SSE will develop 3-5 questions for discussion with the Brand founder and the CEO/Founder of SSE: Taylar. On the date of scheduled InstaLive. You will navigate to the Sip Shop Eat page on Instagram. Once the Live starts request to Join the Live. Taylar will welcome you and the conversation will begin. Here is a recap from a recent LIVE: For more support joining the Instagram Live, see here:

Camera Shy? Here's some tips.

It's normal to be camera shy when the spotlight is on you. We get it. However, the SSE community loves to meet the makers. So they want to see you! Just be yourself. Get into it. Get out of your own head and just have fun. Talk about your amazing business that you work so hard for. We love you, our community will too. 1. Look and feel your best! Whatever that means for you. Some want to wear their best dressed and put their faces on. Others just want to lay in bed. It's all up to you. 2. Elaborate and keep the conversation going. Answer with open-ended answers. Avoid Yes/No answers. 3. Be creative, show us some BTS. Show us some exclusive pieces. Tell us what inspires and motivates you.

How is the Holiday Pop-UP promoted?

At Sip Shop Eat we employ a comprehensive digital ad strategy which includes: - Paid advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Snap Chat. In addition, we rely on Native advertisement: promotion of content (Blogs) that tell a story of what we do and who we feature (hopefully you). The content is featured on high traffic websites like Elle, People, Complex, TimeOut and more. We also list the event on event websites, networks and Facebook Groups. In addition, we ensure our SEO is fully optimized to attract organic search traffic to the virtual shop. Lastly, our network includes over 17K people internally and accross platforms.

What are the requirements to participate in the Virtual Holiday Pop-UP?

Vendors are required to:

  • Create a Black Friday Promotion Code.
  • Prepare to ship one product or gift card to SSE for Holiday social media giveaway.
  • Stay active on email communication, responding to inquiries within 3-5 business days.
  • Ship Orders within 7 business days, unless otherwise specified.
  • Provide an address for SSE to send mailer cards (to be placed in all orders over the 3 month period).

Space is limited to optimize the experience for our select group of participants 




I love small businesses.  I've always wished I had a full-circle resource to connect with and learn from other entrepreneurs. I created Sip Shop Eat as a platform for small businesses, the entrepreneurs that run them and the shoppers that support them. As a hub for Small businesses to gain visibility, connect and reach their full potential.