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Virtual Vendor Questions

Thank you for your interest in becoming a featured brand in the SSE Virtual Pop-UP. The virtual Pop-UP provides small businesses digital growth opportunities by driving traffic to featured brand's online website thereby: increasing brand awareness and promoting sales for the small businesses we feature.

How it Works:

If the Virtual Pop-Up option is selected in your application 5-10 of your brand's best-sellers are added to the Virtual Pop-Up shop within 5-7 business days. The listings will link back to your website for order fulfillment.  Remaining active for 90-days after it is listed. Over the course of the 90 days, your brand will be featured in seasonal promotions (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall and Holidays).


Your brand will be featured on Sip Shop Eat social media  through one or more feed post(s) and stories (including swipe-up link to the URL enclosed in your submitted application). SSE will also feature your brand through a dedicated e-blasts featuring specialized promotions. Each feature is shared throughout our network. 

We will purchase products from your website to try, review and create custom content with. Depending on the content it will be shared on various platforms and the SSE website. In additional, SSE will sponsor a giveaway featuring your brand and facilitate the ordering and shipping to the selected winner.

SSE uses digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to the virtual site. This includes paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram, Native Advertising (Promotion of editorial style blogs embedded in high traffic websites) and network marketing. We do not rely on our brand partners to supply images or wording. We create promotional ads and posts internally. 

Instagram Live and IGTV: Instagram live is a tool provided by Instagram that allows you to stream in real time. If you choose to go live with us a part of your virtual Pop-UP package, you will be given a link to schedule the date of your live. At the time of your live SSE will initiate the live and ask that you navigate to the live stream requesting to "Join Live," We will ask you a series of questions about your brand, how it got started, what motivates you and discuss the products you are interested in promoting. We advise that you have the products on hand. Once the live is completed we will publish the recap to our IGTV. 

IGTV is the alternative to IG Live. Brands may create a video of their choice that highlights their brand and products. We ask the the video ranges from 2-5 minutes. We will share it on the SSE Instagram page after it has been emailed to us.

Both Instagram Live and IGTV are optional. If you are camera shy you do not have to participate in this portion of the virtual Pop-Up.

We are so excited to work with you and spotlight your brand! We hope it brings awareness to your brand, increases your web based traffic and social following as well as generates sales! We of course have no control over your individual experience.

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