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Learn how to shake the shyness and use your unique personality to create content that designed to convert social media swipers into paying customers. We'll discuss how to develop a content strategy, how to carve out time to shoot and edit content and what apps you can use to streamline the entire process.


Join Girlboss, and entrepreneur behind Sip Shop Eat,  Taylar, as she shares validated strategies that are proven to help you navigate your unique content strategy.


What you will learn:

- How to develop a winning content strategy

- How to maintain a brand aesthetic, voice and branding 

- How to carve out time to shoot, edit or otherwise create content

- Top apps designed to help small businesses and creators create!


What's included in the course:

- Access to the live zoom workshop or playback and slide deck


How it works:

Upon placing your order you will be sent a calendar appointment on the date of the scheduled workshop. The calendar appointment will provide details for accessing the lize training via zoom. The workshop will be recorded and the slides and playback will be provided within 5-7 business days to the email associated with your order. 


Become an SSE Entrepreneur for lifetime access to all Sip Shop Eat workshops.


How to get in front of the camera and create content for your brand!

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