Pop UP Information




New York Venue: Hook Studios

Location Address: 76 Verona Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11231

San Francisco Venue: Neyborly

Location Address: 3 Embarcadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

Los Angeles Venue: MG Studio LA

Location Address: 1319 W 11th St. Los Angeles, CA 90015

The venue provides the following:

1. Open and Airy to accommodate creative set up. Street Level. Easy access to public transportation, near street parking. 

2. Wifi 

3 Bathrooms

4. Fitting Room

5. Guest Lounge

Event Times:

Set up: 10am-11:45

Shopping hours: Noon-6PM


  • Event management reserves the right to refuse the application of any company or individual

  • Event management reserves the right to amend or change these guidelines at any time

  • Your spot is not secured until you are paid in full. Once payment is confirmed, Terms and Conditions are binding unless otherwise waived in writing.

  • Event management reserves the right to change setup and/or Event times due to weather or any other unforeseen conditions



  1. Absent extreme, severe weather, the Event will not be cancelled

  2. The decision to cancel the Event is at the sole discretion of Event management

  3. Weather in New York can be un-predictable, it is the responsibility of the Vendor to monitor the weather and check in with Event management if they are unsure of how the Event may be impacted

  4. Refunds will not be issued due to event cancellation.

Application Process:

Application Deadlines:

Applications close 2 weeks before event dates

Vendors may apply for  Full Weekends only. One day only options have been discontinued.

We do not require Vendors to possess  licenses and permits to operate in New York (for NYC markets); Los Angeles (for LA Markets) or San Francisco (SF Markets), to be considered as a vendor at any of the Pop-up event locations.


It is the responsibility of the individual business to obtain appropriate licenses, collect sales tax and pay federal, state and local taxes and comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

Application Qualifications:

  1. Small to Medium Size business in the Food, Style or Drink Space

  2. On trend products or service

  3. Positive attitude

  4. Willingness to complete vendor application

  5. Co-promotion of the event

  6. Willingness to comply with Rules, Regulations and Rental Agreement

Note: SSE does not accept Multi-Level Marketing companies (MLM)

SSE provides the following experience for each vendor:

- Vendor  space (date and size selected during application)

- Chairs are included 

- Wifi

- Food/Drink to vendors/vendor support

- Digital Brand promotion

* SSE rents tables for a fee (see price list/application) Tables are 4x30 in size.

Submission of the vendor application does not mean the brand has been accepted for the requested date. You will be notified of your application status within 24-48 business hours of your submitted application (Monday through Friday). If there is any reason your application is rejected your fees will be returned to you less the $10.00 application fee. Space availability is limited, we recommend applying when ready to pay. SSE can not hold or extend  unconfirmed vendor spaces. Spaces are not confirmed until payment is received.


Click here for current price list.

1.Payment is due during the registration process. Registration is not complete until payment is received. 


3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of payment of the Space Rental Fee. This e-mail will confirm your use of an assigned space and applicable rentals during the dates selected.


Rental fees are non-refundable/non-negotiable. If your application is not accepted your fees will be returned less the $10.00 application fee.


*Sip Shop Eat! does not guarantee sales. We provide the pop up space, brand promotion, a network of like minded vendors, and a unique selling experience. The outcome of your specific sales experience is beyond our control. We do believe Pop Up Shops are an amazing way to receive real time feedback about your brand, network with like minded entrepreneurs and make some sales. We can not offer a refund if you did not make sales. 




When you submit your Application, you acknowledge having read and reviewed the linked Vendor Space Agreement (the “Vendor Agreement”) and Collective Market Rules and Regulations (the “Rules and Regulations”), which set forth the terms and conditions applicable to merchants at the Collective market, i.e. operating hours, permitted merchandise and onsite services. The Vendor Agreement and Rules and Regulations shall automatically become a binding legal agreement between you and The Collective Market upon your acceptance of this offer by your payment of the Space Rental Fee. Do Not Pay The Space Rental Fee If You Do Not Agree To Be Bound By The Terms Of The Vendor Agreement And To Rent Booth Space For The Term. 



COVID-19 notice: Available dates on the form are scheduled to continue as planned. Our vendors will be the first to be notified if local authorities, or significant increases in COVID-19 cases require the cancellation of the event. Once your reservation is confirmed, it is important that you check your emails for updates as that is our primary way of making contact with confirmed vendors and guests. 

If local authorities require cancellation of our events due to official order, vendors and guests will be offered the opportunity to transfer their reservations to a later date. There are no refunds granted for COVID-19 cancellations.


All IRL vendors are required to review and agree to the COVID-19 vendor safety measures listed at: https://www.sipshopeat.com/COVID19-x-SSE


- Quarantine for 14 days prior to the event

- Complete at Rapid COVID-19 test 7 days before the event. If your test is positive, please contact event Management for a future event credit.

- Wear masks at all times

- Set up their booths in a farmers’ market style with tables, shelves, and/or rolling racks facing out  

- Wipe down surfaces hourly with disinfecting wipes

- Maintain 6’ distance from other vendors and attendees

- Stay home if they are sick or are exhibiting any symptom associated with COVID-19

- Limit the number of staff in their booth to 2 people, including themselves

- Use touchless payment methods and not accept cash as a primary method of payment.

- Be a resident of the county in which the event is taking place.


We make the floor plan a few days prior to Pop-Up market based on the particular mix of merchants booked. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests, but do not guarantee a particular type of space or location at the market.

Setup: 10am-11:45PM (Vendors arriving after 10:30 AM will not be allowed to set up and their space will be automatically forfeited)


  • Vendors must check in with staff prior to setting up to receive their assigned space

  • Spaces will be assigned on a first come first serve basis from the date your completed application and payment is received.

  • Vendors must bring their own setup, tables (unless rented), racks, lamps, and extension cord (supplies are be provided upon request with advance notice- please make us aware of your needs.)

  • For outdoor spaces, vendors should come properly prepared to withstand any weather conditions throughout the course of the Event

  • Your space must be set up and ready by Event start time

  • If you arrive after Event start time, you will not be allowed on the property and you forfeit your fee



If you are selling with us on the next market day, you can leave your booth set-up when you leave. We suggest covering it with a plastic sheet. If you are not selling with us on the next market day, please begin packing out no earlier than 5:30pm and take all belongings with you when you leave the market.

  • Breakdown may begin 30 minutes before Event end time and not before

  • Vendors who leave prior to closing will not be allowed to sell at future events; 


Our marketing includes a mixed methods such as PR, advertising, social media and more. The Collective Market invests a substantial portion of income in our marketing efforts in order to spread the word, invite the public thereby increasing opportunities for success at each marketplace. We create flyers, and secure partnerships with publications, apps, local and national news media. We also rely on the brands we partner with to promote to their fans as well- it takes a village. Brands that are not willing to promote their participation will not be considered for participation.

WHAT TO BRING(*) indicates required

  • *Table Cloth- Cloth only NO PLASTIC

  • *Email sign-up list

  • *Adequate signage – we encourage that the name of your brand be displayed in and/or on your booth. 

  • Table/Racks/Shelving (if not rented)

  • Business Cards

  • Credit Card Reader (Square provides free credit card processors for small business, find out more)

  • Change

  • Snacks and water

  • Positive Vibes

Selling success:

  • Engage with your customers, even when it’s slow! Each person that passes through is a potential customer. Say Hello, start a conversation and share the story behind your collection.

  • Collect Emails! Email marketing is one of the most powerful sources of marketing these days. Get that data!

  • Positive thoughts = Positive reality. Stay positive.

  • Network! Believe it or not, some businesses thrive off of pop-ups. Connect with your peers and build community!

The outcome of each brand's experience  is beyond our control. We do believe Pop Up Shops are an amazing way to receive real time feedback about your brand, network with like minded entrepreneurs and make some sales. We can not offer a refund if you did not make sales. 


We're looking forward to a great event! Thank you for partnering with us.

For questions,  email us at sipshopeatmarket@gmail.com