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Celebrate Black Business Month by discovering these 10 Black Owned Brands

August is Black Business Month! The best way to celebrate is by discovering new Black Owned brands and shopping from them!

Sip Shop Eat is in the business of driving awareness to small Black Owned Brands which is why we've curated this list for you! The best part is, you can shop these brands in real life at the first ever Sip Shop Eat x Westfield Garden State Plaza Pop-UP in Paramus, NJ on Labor Day Weekend, September 2-3, 2022.

Black Owned Brand #1: Gran Dam Collection. The brand started in the middle of the pandemic at a time when most people were rediscovering their passions. This side-hustle is the work of an RN who loves seeing people loving and wearing her work which inspires her.

Black Owned Brand #2: Treazure Boxx. A business started from a passion for fashion. Founder, Pricilla grew up watching her mom style her hair, make up, and adorn herself with jewelry. She taught Pricilla that you don't have to wear expensive clothes, you just have to have style and that accessories heightens your look. Fashion, make up and jewelry are a big part of Pricilla's life. So it was a no brainer for her as she started working in retail from 18 years. Over a decade, she worked her way up from being a sales associate to an assistant manager to a store manager. "I felt I contributed a huge part to my retail jobs and I thought; what if I could do this for myself," thought Pricilla. She started with a business plan in 2016 and after trials I launched Treazure Boxx in March 2021! Making sales and hearing how much people love what she provides is what keeps her going.

Black Owned Brand #3: Scented By Missi, LLC. Scented by Missi is another beautiful business started during the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand started by just selling candles. It has now expanded to a full body care line. The brand is currently transitioning to a self care brand, to help people recognize that every day can be a self care day

Black Owned Brand #4: The Mystical Vibes. The Mystical Vibes brand got started after founder, Ayisha was laid off of working at BJ's Wholesale Club as a manager of over 7 years (during the COVID-19 pandemic). Using her years of retail management experience,

she formed a one-of-a-kind online store offering curated styles for Mommies and Babies. Shop Mommy-and-Me sets or just shop for the little ones in your life.

Black Owned Brand #5: Flexx Season was founded by Anthony Lee, Rickie Garland and Steffan Brown in June 2021 with the mantra “It’s Always Season.” This Mantra is a daily reminder to always be in pursuit of a better version of yourself, While also loving yourself. Flexx Season, although a fitness apparel brand, acts as a mentality, lifestyle and way of life. Flexx Season advocates for Healing, Self love, Growth and Forward progression. We encourage you all to “Flexx” with us and do so in style. If there's one piece of advice we would like to leave with you today, never forget, IT'S ALWAYS SEASON.

Black Owned Brand #6: Loudies, was just an idea that founder, Steve came up with and ran with! Loudies offers yummy but potent cannabis infused edibles taking nostalgic and iconic flavors like Rice Crispy Treats to Tripple fudge brownies.

Black Owned Brand #7: The Vaude Shoppe is a female, black-owned business that specializes in creating artisan, cold-process (CP) soaps. This journey started during the pandemic (2020) when the founder noticed her hands were becoming rough, scaly, and cracking. She recognized that she needed a natural remedy because commercial cleansers were not beneficial. After doing some research she learned about what is really in commercial “soaps” and then started reading about the benefits of cold-process (CP) soap. After immersing herself in the craft she made her first two loaves for personal use and shared some with friends. Then, she received an order for 50 custom bars.

From there, the love of soap making was born. Since our inception, the brand has launched several themed soap collections based on pop culture and nostalgia entertainment; curating a soap collection based off of the movie The Wiz and the Netflix series Bridgerton. New collections inspired by the movie Encanto, the novel/movie The Neverending Story, and the novel/movie The Color Purple are dropping in the late Fall.