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Ten Titillating Table Tips to Turn Pop-Ups into Profits

Take-aways from our Spring 2022 New York Pop Up that will make you more money!

New York's Sip Shop Eat vendors were phenomenal! Their tables were gorgeous, their products were innovative, and their profits were epic. This list could go on and on, but here are ten tips to consider incorporating into your set up at your next pop-up market. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Clear Prices

Each of La.Lu Candles & Co's products were thoughtfully displayed, with prices clearly posted right in front of each item. I stopped in my tracks when I overheard a different vendor say her earrings were only $10. They were so gorgeous, I never thought I could afford them. Having Clear Prices helps your customer have an easier shopping experience.

Clean Lines

Oh, the organization at Dokino's table makes my heart leap. At a glance, a customer sees all the merchandise and how much it costs (extra credit for having prices in two spots!) There is enough space that a customer can easily pick up an item to look at it and feel confident that they can put it back where it belongs.

Clearance Section

Femme Loft's clearance section was the first one I've seen at a pop-up shop and I hope it becomes a trend. It's a win-win for both the customer and seller. It can help move older stock, introduce wallet cautious buyers to your brand, offer a selection that kids can afford, and give customers a deal. This vendor said that people are still happily buying these (now) "commemorative" ornaments.

Mystery Bag

Much like a clearance section, a Mystery Bag can help you move product and give your customers a surprise treat. Mail order boxes like Ipsy are already favored by consumers, so a Mystery Bag is a familiar model. Cassi filled them with surplus samples from their mini-sized travel kit (another idea that I loved).


This was another pop-up first for me. Gran Dam Collection sold raffle tickets at $5, for a pair of earrings worth much more. A Raffle could be a fantastic way to bring in new customers, much like Clearance or Mystery Bags. Plus, you could end up making more revenue for a product than its ticketed price would be.


The freebies at the Quintero booth were on point. They offered coffee, water, pencils, and more, but my favorite was their matches. The matches have a QR code and act as their business card. The matches reminded me of how hotels encourage taking the shampoo, to remember the hotel & book it in the future.

Value Added

Taylor Beauty offered a freebie as well. Visitors to their table were encouraged to enjoy candy, in flavors that match their lotions. They said normally they offer beverages in flavors that correlate with the lotion scents, but pivoted for our event since we already offered "sips." Value Added items let the customer's dollar go further with your product than it does at another shop.

Build Up

I counted six tiers at Good Face by BL&V booth. Their display was eye-catching and had flow. Using the vertical space allowed them to maximize their square footage to offer as many products as possible. That in turn, gets more product to each potential customer and lures in a greater number of potential customers.

Your Story

Humans love connection. Sharing the story behind your brand connects your customer with your brand. A.P Designs' framed tribute to her son is heartbreaking and lovely. Shoppers can instantly be brought into her world and feel a connection to her products. No doubt, Anthony is looking down proudly.

Come out

Another way to connect to potential customers is by literally talking to them. This may sound simple, but the handful of vendors I saw on the consumer side of their tables, always had someone engaged. Seraph's story was captivating and her vibes were contagious. All of that flows into her merchandise.

Bonus Tip: Advocate!

As I walked around taking pictures, Nathalee stopped me & suggested I include her brand Vigor Roots in this blog post. That kind of confidence lured me in and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how her brand started and how it's making an impact in the natural hair care world. Which of these will you try at the next po-up market? Give us a hint in the comments!

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