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Monday Munchies 6.6

"People who have money don't want to talk about it. They want to talk about everything else."--Curtis Jackson

2022 is more like the "1984" that George Orwell predicted in his book of the same name than the year 1984 actually was. But the video game Tetris was released 38 years ago today. Man, did I love playing that on my Gameboy. I see connections to it in our modern snack-style games like Candy Crush, which I'll admit I still love.

I recently read an article about dividend stocks, and it got me thinking about how much I don't know about investing. And that kinda ticks me off. I know inside out and backwards the personal lives of A-list celebrities, but hardly anything about what to do with my money (which seems more important long term). I'm wondering how and why that happened and how I can catch up on my money education.

Another form of passive income are affiliate links. Have you seen any success as an affiliate partner? Or, does your business offer affiliate programs to your customers?

PS: That quote up 50's a thinker, right? Learn more about his money mindset in our Book Club.