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Monday Munchies 5.30

Three cheers for the home team!

To brag a sec, I love that Sip Shop Eat offers Drop-In Courses for entrepreneurs who want continuing education at their own pace. Topics range from "Time Management Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs" to "3 Ways to Boost Sales Through Storytelling." Plus, the prices range from less than three Hamitons to absolutely free!

On the other hand, don't tell Taylar this, but using Wix drives me bonkers! It loads soooooo slowly and constantly wants to crash. Is it me? My clearance open-box laptop? Tell me in the comments which website host you use.

Some SSE co-workers were recently chatting about our favorite period tracking apps. I like my free one and someone else was happy to pay for one (even if it might be tracking her data, as well). How do you keep track of your monthly?

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