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Make customers buy from ~YOU~

Help customers want to buy from your fabulous brand by creating a "Value-Added Experience"

How can you create a value-added experience with little or no additional cost to yourself?

Brainstorm answers to these questions... ~Why should a customer buy from you? Think about what's unique about your product, your business model, or your mission. Think about the intricacies of the customer experience that you offer. ~Why should they buy now? There is an urgency for the purchase such as a special price, a limited quantity, or a short sales day. ~What free bonus with purchase can you offer? Perhaps gift wrapping, personalization, a coupon code for their next purchase. ~How does your business connect your customers to a larger group? When a person becomes one of your customers, let them know that they're now part of your community. Create community on your social medias, in your newsletters, or even in irl events.

As always the Sip Shop Eat team is here to help with any part of your entrepreneurial journey. Please feel free to shoot any of us a message whenever you have a question.


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