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Brands we Love: For All Cares

We've never been quiet about how we feel about self-care being the most important. Which is why we're over the moon about For All Cares. A wellness brand that is literally for all cares.

This brand was founded on the principle of building self care rituals that nourish the body, hair, face and skin. Founded by Peggie Fort and Jamie Shira, two beauty gurus with years of experience, who have built their careers on caring for women. The two have developed a luxury brand that will surely have you hooked, in all the best ways.

Infused with the highest quality CBD, each product is developed to immerse the senses and foster ease and tranquility.

We're so lucky to have had the opportunity to get our hands on For All! Here's some products that we now, cannot live without:

Body Calm Jasmine Sea Salt Bath Soak. This Jasmine Sea Salt Bath Soak is infused with 60g CBD. We dropped a little in the bath and fell in love. Works better than Epsom salt. The best part is, you really don't need a lot to feel the benefits of the tension releasing from your joints as you slip into a blissful state of serenity. 100% would recommend.

Foot Rest is a product we plan on using down to the very last drop. Never realized just how much your feet need their own cream until we tried Foot Rest. This cream is infused with: menthol, eucalyptus and CBD and it immediately soothes the feet and heals the soles.

Last but certainly not least. Body Boost is a must try! Body Boost is a Topical CBD patch designed to deliver stress and relief and ease physical and mental pain. The patch is infused with 100mg of CBD and is long lasting.

The For All line is loaded with tons of self care products that you need and the luxury you deserve. We love so many things about the brand but we especially love that the brand gives BACK! For All partners with Ubuntu to create custom For All espadrilles shoes made from 100% East African cotton. The crafting of these shoes provides mothers of children with special needs with sustainable employment.

Go shop at For All online, and IRL at their flagship store in beautiful Petaluma, CA! Go say hi to the boss babes IRL!

Founders: Peggie Fort and Jamie Shira

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