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How to Optimize Your website for more sales

Running an online store is not easy. There are so many factors for ensuring your online store is optimized for a seamless customer experience, business growth and sales. We've launched this Blog series to comment on all the critical factors that can be implemented to help entrepreneurs better optimize their online store to generate more sales.

We're starting the series with Shipping! Shipping shock is real. As consumers we know that no matter how good a sale is, if the shipping rates in our cart tip us over budget we're not placing the order (amiright). In order to optimize your online store, converting those add to carts into orders, consider:

  1. Implement Flat Rate Shipping. Flat rate shipping decreases "shipping shock." Offer a shipping rate under $10 on all orders instead of basing shipping on location/order size. Consider highlighting your flat rate shipping at the top of your website so that customer's know that shipping won't tip shoppers over budget.

2. Incentivize Free Shipping on larger orders. More and more websites are offering free shipping on orders over a certain minimum. For example, orders over $50 get totally free shipping. You can adjust the minimums based on whatever makes sense for your brand. If that's $75 or $150. This optimization strategy will drive higher ticket orders and make your paying customers happy that they don't have to pay for shipping.

3. Ensure your small business ships quickly. COVID-19 has definitely slowed down shipping for many small businesses for several reasons. Yet, as much as you can control it ship fast to drive customer loyalty and positive feedback. Ensure your website has clear shipping policies. Including the timeline for shipping orders, where their shipping from and how customers can track their orders. Sending a shipping confirmation via email may also help with this.

For the full interactive course on how to optimize your website for more sales click here. Become a member of our virtually community for Entrepreneurs to learn how to growth hack your brand. Join now!

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