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Business is tough. Why you should keep going anyway.

Let's face it, business is hard. I'm right there with you. At this very moment I'm sitting here wondering what I'm not doing (for my business) but should be doing. Wondering why my business hasn't catapulted into (overnight) success. I'm wondering how many more years, dollars, sleepless nights and sacrifices it's going to take to get to the point when I can exhale. If we're being honest, I wonder if that moment will ever be experienced.

Yet I know that all these questions are no reason, at all to give up or let go of the dream that endure.

Now let's get down to the heart of the matter: 

(1) YOU ARE ENOUGH. Beyond anything, you need to know this and rehearse this in your head- often. It's a shame that so often we compare our business status to our internal or external value. The two are not associated.  

Whether your business takes off or not you are SO ENOUGH. No additives or reductions you are enough just as you are. 

(2) Just keep swimming. Sometimes my mind looms, (24/7 that is) about what I should be doing or didn't do well enough.

Some of the very things my mind looms on are beyond my control or I just don't have the budget for or some other reason beyond what's in my grasp. 

The one thing I can control is my will to KEEP GOING! It's hard, I know- it's actually the hardest. Yet, it is KEY! Get a handle on what you can control and be consistent. Don't get down on yourself about the number of followers you have or your reach or even your sales numbers. These things are bigger than you! You can control how often you post, blog, develop newsletters, and get your general hustle on. Keep doing that. 

(3) Let go of the hope or illusion of overnight success. It ain't happening. Anything worth having is worth sticking it out for. You want your business to last so you gotta put in work- that work doesn't always equate instant results. 

(4) Understand that your road/path is not going to be straight. My road has been like circle, circle, circle SUCCESS, circle, circle. You know what, that's fine. I'm grateful for the circles I've gone in because honestly, I would have never arrived where I am at this very moment. Sometimes it's painful to reconcile with the thought that I'm not where I want to be "right now," but because of all the circles I've been in (literally and figuratively) I know that I have to keep going and be consistent. 

(5) Believe in yourself and your brand. 

All of this is bigger than you. Sure, your brand may have developed out of your love for fashion, art, home goods, etc., but ultimately it's for someone else to enjoy. You will reap the benefits as your business succeeds but your product is for others. Hopefully the thought of making a difference in someone's life motivates and inspires you to press on, keep going and keep pushing. 

Business is hard, but hard was never a good enough excuse to quit. It was never meant to be easy, if it was EVERYBODY WOULD BE DOING IT. Then the market would truly be saturated 😏.

Keep going till your haters ask if you're hiring ok!

😘😘 Taylar


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