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Trust your ideas- How to let go of fear & execute your ideas.

New ideas are like newborn children. They can be pretty nasty when they're first born: ugly, slimy and dirty. They're very precious and in the early stages you have to be careful who you share them with and how you hold onto them. Because, new ideas are so precious it's easy to become fearful when embracing/pursuing them. Much like becoming new parents. Yes, for most new-parents embracing their newborn is easy because they're just so darn cute. Yet for the vast majority embracing newborns is outright scary.

I'm launching a new feature of Sip. Shop. Eat! called Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur will be a home-grown subscription based entrepreneurial coaching collective for past, present and future entrepreneurs in the Sip. Shop. Eat! network. The service will offer the entrepreneurs in our network access to other entrepreneurs, discounted services and resources for the millennial entrepreneur.

I've been sitting on this idea for roughly 3 months. I've had my reservations on launching mostly because of sheer fear- NO LIE. There's a laundry list of reasons I am afraid to execute the idea and here's a couple:

1. What if it doesn't work out?

2. What if nobody signs up?

3. What if I can't come up with content?

4. What if people don't find it valuable?

5. What if I fail?

After the end of the last Pop Up, it became even more apparent how important this service is and the need for launching it. Watching entrepreneurs struggle (myself included) pains me. There are so many entrepreneurs that are essentially my peers that I also aspire to be like, glean from and continue to network with. I ask- wouldn't it be nice to have access to the resources in a seamless way? Pondering this thought led me right back to my initial idea/reasons for launching this project.

So instead of thinking of all the reasons why it wouldn't work I've decided to trust my idea and officially launch this puppy.

The truth is- there are a million reasons why I could lean into my fear but that is so Anti-Taylar. There is something in me that relishes the idea of just seeing what the outcome may be good or bad.

There is nothing more harmful to the creative soul than continually relenting to fears and not pursuing creative ideas.

I am by no means suggesting that we throw caution to the wind and pursue every idea light bulb that pops into our brains. What I am saying is that we simply trust our ideas.

What if the people before us wouldn't have trusted their ideas we wouldn't have cars, the internet, wifi or light bulbs to name a few.

Trusting ideas is a matter of survival. Ideas guide our very ability to thrive. The best thing to do when ideas emerge is to stew on them. Compulsion is not the answer to ideas.

Instead we must refine our ideas through careful, planning, drafting, execution and evaluation. Once the idea has launched we then have to trust the process.

Think back on an idea you had. What might it be today if you trusted it and pursued it? I have way too many of those. Quite frankly, life is too short for me to be wondering what if.

Stop doubting yourself and go be great.

<3 Taylar


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