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Mid Month New Year's Check in

Hey you! How's it going??? Can I share something? It's only January 18th and I am exhausted already. In December I had written out all my goals. I was all hoorah, hoorah, go for it and what not. By now I thought I'd be killing it. Yet, there are at least 3 things on the top of my goals list that I haven't even tackled yet. BIG FAIL.. Right? Wrong, actually,.

Idk where we get all this internal and external pressure to be superhuman. Wait, I do know where... It's called "Expectation," which is the thief of joy. The truth is instead of internally pressuring myself to ramp up my goal output, I should be putting these internal and external expectations in check. The truth is there is plenty of time and we can not exhaust ourselves in the process of pursuing the ultimate goal of living our best life. Because, then of course, you're not living your best life. If you're killing yourself, losing sleep, losing unnecessary weight, or losing hair in pursuit of being this person you think you should be, is it really worth it?

The best thing for me to do in pursuit of my goals, is to do my best and forget the rest. Putting one foot in front of the other. At the end of the day my goals aren't going anywhere. Remember, our daily actions compounded over time equal success.

On December 29th, 2018 or so, when I initially wrote my personal, career, and business goals I had imagined chipping away at them rather quickly. Yet, like I said I'm no where near, "there YET." I started to get anxiety as the days passed on and started to shrink down and have this really toxic self-talk. I'd say things like, "maybe I just won't do Sip. Shop. Eat! anymore." "No-one is going to sign up anyway..etc." Of course, by some divine intervention, while at work, after waiting for hours on end for my boss to respond to a request to work remotely. I remembered, I don't actually want to be employed by someone else for the rest of my life or told when I can come and go. I want to pay my own damn bills, with the wealth I've created. Those thoughts reinvigorated me and lit a new fire underneath me.

Then, yesterday, it was the lovely Michelle Obama's birthday when this picture:

came across my timeline and I was even more inspired. I realized that success does not happen overnight. Given, that this picture was taken some time in the 1980s, before I was even born. It hit me that it takes years, decades even to achieve some goals and we shouldn't be in a race with anyone but negative self talk (and proving that bitch wrong).

Here, our Forever FLOTUS is pictured with her outgrown braids, on the Princeton campus, studying prelaw. I'm positive that she nor the person taking this picture had any idea that she would go on to become the First lady of the United States, and the first black first lady at that. It reminded me that, no matter where we're at if we just keep at it, eventually people we don't even know may wish us "Happy Birthdays," all around the World.

The key to all of this information is to realize we will never get there if we give up and feed into those self-deprecating thoughts. It also helped me realize, when we rush, we only make a mess of things. So don't do it. Now I have a new resolution: be consistent in my thoughts and actions, never give up on myself first, and then, of course- my goals. Because, actually, I can (no matter how long it takes)!

<3 Taylar


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