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3,2,1 Morning Ritual

⏰When your morning alarm buzzes, are you ready to face the day or hit snooze for 15 more minutes?

Studies show a productive day can start with a focused mind.

🗓️ Try this morning ritual for a week to hone in on your most successful self.

✍️ While you sip your fav bev, write...

  • 3 things that you're proud of. They could be big things like leaving your bummer corporate job. Or small victories, like adding some berries to your breakfast yogurt. 😇

  • 2 questions for your day. Maybe you're wondering how to ask your roommate to respect your WFH space. Or you want to know which item on your to-do list you'll knock out first. 🤔

  • 1 actionable item. Start this sentence with "I will." For example, "I will work until 11:30, then eat lunch away from my desk."

Even if you're not a "journaling" person, these prompts will prime your brain for an awesome day.

💪You got this!


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