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Are You Blexin?

Blexin [Verb]- The action of supporting a positive space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other people of color) Communities the De-Stigmatize and normalize the importance of sexual wellness and human intimacy. Don't miss out on your own Blexbox

Enjoy a Night Inside

Enhance your love life with a box of Blex. These goodies give you a well rounded range of ideas to enjoy each other. Make it into a game night.

1. Mouth Watering Fun spray away to get the juices flowing

2. Chocolate Body Paint for a game of tic tac toe

3. Essential Oils to get the aroma right

4. Candles to massage your significant other

5. A Vibe to take the night away

Keeping the bedroom spicy is a must. This box will start your night off right and continue to make life interesting.

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