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How Your Business can respond To and Support #BLacklives

What a year! We know, it's ONLY June, but this year has already been revolutionary in SO MANY WAYS. In the wake of the horrific deaths of the late George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery; Black Americans and Allies are raising their voices in the fight against: systemic racism, inequality and racial injustice. Though our fight against racism was ignited in response to the police brutality that resulted in our fallen sisters and brothers, the breadth of systemic racism has once again shed a light on the inequalities that prevail in some of the businesses we've always loved. From recognizing how many 'well recognized,' brands (Disney, Nike, Bank of America and many more) have little to no C-suite Black executive employees to realizing just how many brands practice racism in their organizational policies.

Now more than ever, the World is watching who is standing up to these injustices and who is complicit. Some