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The solution your medication needs

'tooktake' is the solution your medicine needs. tooktake offers a system that makes managing your meds easier.

The system was created by a beautiful owner with a beautiful story. Owner and founder, Leanna started tooktake out of her own need to manage the medications she was taking as a result of her Breast Cancer treatment. During the course of her treatment Leanna was taking over 11 different medications. As anyone might imagine, it became impossible to keep up with each medication's varying schedules. Through Leanna's struggle, she was able to create an answer to not only her problem, but many others who may struggle with the same issues.

tooktake offers a labeling system applied based on the prescribed medication regimen (7-10 days, daily or hourly). Allowing users to mark off, if and when a medication has been taken by peeling off the associated label. The system has proven to disband confusion among users eliminating stress and anxiety for already stressed patients.

This system birthed, from a seriously painful time developed a revolutionary system that will help organize medications and improve adherence. The solution is good for all types of medicines. Including oral medications, creams, lotions, pills and syrups. tooktake even offers a medication system for children. Even if you don't necessarily manage multiple medications it's likely a good idea to keep these tools on deck as they can be used to manage even basic vitamin regimens and occasional pain management medication intake. They are like the first aid kit; hopefully you'll never need it but at least they're there in case you do. Experience this revolutionary system and grab tooktake labels today.


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