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These Wicks are truly Witchie!

So we (team SSE) consider ourselves candle experts at this point! We've lit them, we've trimmed them, we've burned them and we've even made them ourselves through SSE Digital. Over the last three years we've seen so many beautiful candle makers through the SSE IRL and Virtual Pop-UPs. Yet Witchie Wicks is truly one of the most magical of them all. Back in October, we first discovered Witchie Wicks on the Gram through Markets for Makers and just had to learn more. The catchy name of the brand had us thinking of burning it while vibing out to Stevie Nicks', Candlebright in the Background. Then suddenly, the next thing we know, we selected Witchie Wicks to be an official brand partner.

We were eager for an excuse to try these luxurious candles and now we magically had an excuse. By the way, when I say, luxurious I mean luxurious. We were doing our weekly weekend shopping in the Sip Shop Eat Virtual Pop-UP and within days the perfectly eco-friendly packaged candle arrived on our door step. The shipping box smelled like sweet pumpkins. Yes, this was before we even lit it. Then, it was lit. Within minutes my entire room filled with the scent of fall chai and sweet pumpkins. It was a perfect, and truly exceptional candle. My little family burned that candle EVERY day until all 9 ounces were gone. Then we turned the beautifully brown frosted candle jar into a flower vase. Needless to say, we're fans (period).

Witchie Wicks uses products that are good for you and good for the environment. As business owners and consumers, they affirm that they owe it to future generations to make the sustainable choice.

Witchie Wicks' promise includes

1. Sustainable jars and lids, which are made from glass and wood. Witchie Wicks even allows the candle jar to be recycled through traditional channels, repurposed in your home, or can be refilled by WitchieWicks through their Local DC based Refill Option.

2. The candles themselves are 100% pure US-grown soy with no additives. The soybeans are grown on small farms, and any that are not needed for the wax extraction process is repurposed for animal feed. In the future, the brands to also create a 100% organic label.

3. Fragrance oils are comprised of natural essential oils and synthetic aroma chemicals. These scents adhere to the strict standard set by the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) regarding fragrance safety. They are non-toxic when used for their intended purpose in candle making and are 100% phthalate-free.

4. Regarding shipping & packaging, we can attest to the brand's utilization of recyclable materials for boxing and packing material. No bubble wrap or plastic of any kind was included.

Here we are burning our Witchie Wicks candle while listening to CandleBright by Stevie Nicks:

We're proud partners of this brand and true fans. If you're ever in the market for candles, reed infusers or travel size candles please remember to shop small with Witchie Wicks. Also if you're ever in D.C. shop IRL! Witchie Wicks is in multiple DMV locations. Click here to learn more.

Here she in all her glory, Owner, Founder, Bossbabe Lauren Witchie! Make her do a happy dance and shop small at her online shop today.


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