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#10 Badass Boss Babes inspiring us this International Women's Day

We are always inspired by badass boss women. Women who some how juggle everything from establishing profitable brands to raising babies all at the same damn time. Women have always been the most inspiring super heroes without capes (to us). In honor of International Women's day we're sharing our list of leading ladies that we loyally follow and suggest that you do too.

Erica Roberts, Signed e., International Women's Day 21

#1: Erica Roberts, founder of the luxury women's clothing line Signed e. Not only do we love the designer fashion Erica creates but we love the body positivity this brand emits. Through Erica's work at Signed e. She provides women who like her a resource for quality luxury clothing. We've known Erica for a long time and we have witnessed her dedication and devotion to her brand even through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. A total inspiration.

Georgina Jean Dusseck, JD Body Treats, International Women's Day

#2: Georgina Jean-Dusseck, founder of JD Body Treats is an educated, mother of three and boss babe. She launched her self-care brand in 2018 and grew her clientele through Pop-UP shops. We cannot understand how this mompreneur did it but she managed to launch her storefront in New York City not too long ago in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, all of her products are truly treats. She is a force of positivity that we just love being around.

Natalie Ellis, Boss Babe, International Women's Day

#3: Natalie Ellis, Co-Founder of Bossbabe. Natalie Ellis is just so inspiring. She has taken her own social media content marketing expertise and passed it a long to millions of other boss babes around the World. We recommend following along just to stay on top of the most vital social media trends that can be applied to any business type. You can access her knowledge from almost anywhere on the web, including the Bossbabe website, email list, blog, YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, TikTok, you get the picture. Her social handles are loaded with gems. She's already a force but she's definitely a force to follow long term.

Nana Agyemang, Every Stylish Girl, International Women's Day

#4: Nana Agyemang, At this point our readers know all about Nana. We've made it clear that we are fans. And we are for good reason. We follow all of the Every Stylish Girl accounts as well as Nana's personal brand. Each account is loaded with positive beautiful women who not only look like us, but think like us. We've learned so many invaluable lessons from ESG and highly recommend every small business owner attend their Digital events.

Rihanna, Fenty, International Women's Day 21

#5: Rihanna, Singer, Actress, and founder of the Fenty brand. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan Rihanna's music, but her hustle on the other hand, is insane. This woman has launched the wildly successful Fenty brand in the last 10 years. First, we thought it was just lingerie but no. It's lingerie, make-up and beauty, fragrance, fashion and sunglasses. It's elevated, luxurious and accessible. Sure, Rihanna was an accomplished celebrity before launching her businesses but celebrity does not equate business success. We see you Rihanna and we are inspired.

Michele Chung, International Women's Day 21, Poppylin, Confections by Michele

#6 Michele Chung, Poppylin, Confections by Michele. Michele Chung is a serial entrepreneur and our internet bff. Michele is a self-taught baker who has landed partnerships with the likes of Nasty Gal and Glossier. Last year she launched the lovely lifestyle brand: Poppylin, right in the thick of the Pandemic. Watching this boss babe kill it has been an honor. Follow along for inspiration, yummy treats and the most aesthetic feeds you'll ever see.

Heather Catania, International Women's Day 21, With Honors Co.

#7 Heather Catania, founder of Social Fleur and With Honors co. Heather Cantania is a major boss babe. We discovered Heather after joining With Honors Co, an amazing mentorship program teaching entrepreneurs and influencers how to dominate social media and live their major boss dreams. The With Honors program disrupted social media early on through its launch and while the program itself offers so many gems this Co-Founder offers even more. Heather is one of the kindest and most humble women, I've ever had the opportunity to engage with. Her passion for seeing other women achieve success is permeable. The insights she shares with her community are absolute gems. I highly recommend following all of her business accounts.

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, International Women's Day 21- The skinny Confidential

#8 Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, The Skinny Confidential, TSC Podcast. Lauren Evarts Bosstick is a juggernaut of an influencer. We discovered her through the With Honors Mentorship program and fell in love with her approachable personality and hustle. Many of the gems she dropped during her mentorship series resound in our heads even as we contemplate giving up on our own business goals. Her major messages are centered on positivity, abundance, consistency, patience, health and productivity. She has built a mult-million dollar empire over the last 10 years and continues to build. In addition, we love all the pink on her feed and her very informative blog offering the lowdown on all the best emerging self-care, fashion and mommy hacks.

Theresa Ebagua, International Women's Day 21- Chelsea in Paris

#9 Theresa Ebagua, founder of Chelsea in Paris. Also discovered on the amazing ESG platform. We love how much Theresa radiates positivity and endurance in her entrepreneurial hustle. Theresa was a panelist at ESG's most recent Digital Slip N' Slay. She inspired us through her transparency about what it really takes to build a successful brand. Which according to Ebagua has a lot to do with staying grounded and treating your key players fairly. She practices Yoga (like us) and the luxury shoes she designs are to die for.

International Womens Day 21 Magick Mooress, Mariya Aurya

#10 Mariya Aurya, founder of Magick Mooress and Noble Indigos. Mariya is a long time friend of Sip Shop Eat and a total boss babe. She has been killing the entrepreneur game as a full-time entrepreneur for the last seven years. We love that she has found a way to channel all of her innate gifts into profitable businesses that sustain the lifestyle she envisions for herself. She is also on a mission to help men and women heal holistically. That alone is something to be honored.

There are literally millions of women that inspire us everyday. Women we follow, listen to, read, etc. Women literally make the World go around. The beautiful thing about being a woman is how we manage to be our best at whatever we're doing. This International Women's Day I challenge all the women around the World to celebrate themselves and all the women who inspire them. Lift up your crown and lift up other women. Here's to all the best women in the World. The Moms, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Politicians, Business Owners, women in the armed forces. May we know them, may we celebrate them, may we become them!

Know a badass boss babe that deserves a spot on this list? Comment below. Be sure to share this blog with a boss babe needing some inspiration!

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