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Hello My lovelies! I’m beyond happy to be writing this post because this is my first collaboration!! I was invited out last Sunday to write a piece on Sip. Shop. Eat! If you haven’t heard of this event and you are a small apparel/jewelry line, then you’re missing out. SSE is a monthly market that showcases local designers. It was started by Taylar Hagan and her husband who had their own line (Bela Noelle) and felt that they weren’t getting enough from the markets they attended. SSE was created with the intention of building small brands up while giving them a place to meet other up and coming designers as well possible clients and industry insiders. For more information on Taylar and upcoming dated on Sip. Shop. Eat follow the links here and here

I will be splitting this up into two part as to keep from becoming too long on one post. I didn’t get a chance to speak with everyone, as I needed to head out. But I encourage you to stop by their next even to see all the amazing designers for yourself. Now let's jump right in! READ MORE

Inside SIP. SHOP. EAT! at The Collective Market


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