SIP. SHOP. EAT! at The Collective Market | Williamsburg {October 7, 2017} ...was amazeballs

Sorry if you missed the chance at having: Food! Style! and Drinks! at your fingertips. But, last Saturday's SIP. SHOP. EAT! in Brooklyn, New York was simply amazing. 

From designer shoes by Le Mondeur , hand printed T-shirts by The Purest Genius, hand crafted Tonics , and a rum punch inspired Sangria it was an all around good time! 

"It's like a cool, hip, curated version of a flea Market. Without the flea Market feel." Says Katrina, (Williamsburg resident). 

"It's more than shopping. It's an "Event- I love that!" Says @photos_by_seanjuan

SIP. SHOP. EAT! made its mark on the NYC style scene in June 2017 and they're excited to enter their 4th month in operation. SIP. SHOP. EAT! prides itself on well thought out events from the community perspective. Each event supercedes the previous and before long it's sure to become the destination pop Up Market for the millions. If you missed it, fret not because earlier this month they announced Los Angleles event dates! Hold on because they may be coming to a city near you very soon!

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I'm Taylar.  Founder of Sip Shop Eat!

I love small businesses.  I've always wished I had a full-circle resource to connect with and learn from other entrepreneurs. I created Sip Shop Eat as a platform for small businesses, the entrepreneurs that run them and the shoppers that support them. As a hub for Small businesses to gain visibility, connect and reach their full potential.

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IRL Pop-UP EVENT HOURS/ Location:12-6PM

NY: 76 Verona St

Brooklyn, NY 11231

SF: 1000 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94109

LA:12503 Venice Boulevard,

Los Angeles, CA 90066

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