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Top Apps every entrepreneur should take into 2021

Canva- A free app that is power packed with so much value for small businesses. There is literally a template for everything. Customize social media feed posts, stories, testimonials, presentations and videos. Canva offers a free version and it is desktop compatible so you don't have to work from your phone all the time!

Planoly or any Social Media scheduling app! Planning your social media in advance through a scheduling app is a must. No more scrambling to figure out what to post. Curate your page, upload to Planoly, set a time and your posts will publish on their own.

Mojo- Mojo is the app for animated stories. It's so easy to use. Make exciting and engaging stories easily.

Tezza- the app for aesthetic feeds and stories. If you want your social feeds to maintain a vibey aesthetic, Tezza is the app for you.

TikTok- Unfortunately for us Millennials TikTok is the future. Make fun, short videos about anything related to your business to reach the young GenZ demographic. It's not that hard, trust us, you can do it.

Pinterest- Pinterest is also a great app for young creative businesses. Share your pictures and link to your website for people who are searching for products like yours.

Prequel- We use prequel to edit reels and TikToks. Add cool edits and features to the videos you create + any music you want. Save it, share it to Instagram, post it wherever you want.

Splice- This one is a new addition for us. We are planning to use it to make longer videos like IGTVs and YouTube videos! You can really dig into detailed edits with your videos. Slow sections down, remove background noise, add music, etc.

Smash your social media goals in 2021! Make sure you tag us on your creations we can't wait to see them.

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