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Top 10 Women to Watch this Women’s History Month

Nothing inspires us as much as a fierce girlboss! We're always on the hunt for another woman to look up too. We've curated a list of 10 women worth watching this Women's History Month.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez is one of those powerhouses whose name is attached to all kinds of identifiers. Not only did she win the first Golden Globe awarded to a trans woman, but also Time Magazine named her among the most influential women of this year. Her work as an advocate and speaker are just as notable as her acting credit. Her advice: “To make positive change, we must make space to listen, learn, and take action.”

Shelby Hartman’s business vision came to her during meditation. Hartman, along with her friend Madison Margolin, started a biannual print magazine and digital media company at the forefront of the rapidly growing psychedelic movement called DoubleBlind Mag. Their focus is using journalism to bring to light real information about psilocybin and other psychedelics in an effort to make it mainstream.

Flavia C Gabriel’s Brazilian accent is as fabulous as her company The Fabulous Planner. After buying a bougie planner that was fashionable but not functional, Flavia saw a need in the market and dove off the deep end to create planners that she liked and thought others would like too. Her mission is “to help others turn their dreams into a reality by giving them the means to plan the life they desire, because you don’t just write something in a planner unless you really want it!”

Ashley Morken is the founder of Unglued, a modern handmade gift shop in Fargo, ND that connects shoppers to over 200 local and regional makers and artists. Unglued has a huge focus on community-building, offering tons of irl and online community craft events. One of Morken’s biggest lessons is “people want to know who is behind the business–and in our case, who is behind the products we sell, experience behind-the-scenes of it all, and all of this only in a real, genuine and usually fun and snarky way.”

Dr. Jite Lark’s superfood business C4A Superfoods is fueled by her passion to share how her products support wellness and vitality. The business has five core values: integrity, respect, responsibility, love, and servant leadership. It is also committed to increasing opportunities for the African female farmers it works with so that they can benefit from agricultural chain values.

Nancy Harms luxuriates in life’s small moments and the joy of being able to experience them. As a touring Jazz singer, she expresses the deep pleasures that human existence can have when our souls are open to them. For her last recorded album “SHE,” Nancy wrote and sang about the real beauty of remarkable women in her life. Nancy says, “This project has helped me to claim even more of my voice as an artist and to gain an even deeper understanding of how remarkable the Feminine truly is.”

Lacey Fisher knows that pouring your heart, soul, and life-savings into a business can turn out delightfully, surprisingly successful. Cookie Lane sells traditional. fancy, and boozy confections nationwide. Fisher believes in using fresh, locally sourced ingredients which create a seasonal, rotating menu. She’s currently facing one of the best kinds of business problems..figuring out how to scale her business to keep up with current demand.

Divya Gugnani calls herself a “multitasking mother of two.” Others call her Wander Beauty’s CEO. However, her “true passion” is “helping other female founders of color forge their own success.” She recently told Forbes Magazine: “There are already so many obstacles for women and especially women of color. So, it’s imperative that people who have raised money or have built, scaled, and sold businesses take the time and energy to mentor and help others to have the same success in their careers.”

Lindsey Bryant’s day job as an engineer left her looking for a place for her creative energy. Despite feeling “scared and vulnerable about creating something and releasing it into the world,” she launched the lifestyle apparel brand Acid Drop Designs. “Female empowerment is the cornerstone of our brand, and it’s our mission to bring that fire and inspiration to you.”

Fawziyya Sugai’s journey to the pillowy soft, melt in your mouth, on the go snack company Gwell started in fashion. But a trip to her native country Trinidad opened her eyes to how the people there use plants internally and externally for healing. Gwell snack bites can help with focus, energy, or stress relief and relaxation. Sugai is also committed to food equality and even set a goal to donate 2,500 meals.

Who would you nominate as a woman to watch?? comment below!