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Be Consistent.

Think about the times you were MOST successful in your life... you were probably consistent. 

I must admit... consistency is probably one of THE hardest things to be. Especially when you're building, creating, or doing things that really have never been done. The KEY factor is to be consistent. 

This may be extremely hard, In the face of ever shifting ebbs and flows of life. But the race is not given to the swift or the strong- but to the one who endures. 

I'm not going to lie! I get weary. Sometimes I just don't know what I'm doing it all for? I tell myself, I could just stop right now and no one will even notice! I could focus on my career and children and never make a Market again. It's extremely tempting. Yet deep down I know that that would only be an extension of my past! I'd be going around the same old mountain and I don't want to do that!

I know some people that started businesses 3 years ago- when I started my first business who now have a flagship store. You know the difference between us? CONSISTENCY! When I gave up- they kept going. Despite there challenges and advantages... they KEPT at it... they kept going, they stayed consistent.

Entrepreneurs, we have to make this commitment and STICK TO IT! Altogether now: I will Stop giving up, stop throwing in the towel and stop defeating myself. Dig deep, find your cajones, or vagina (😜) and muscle it out. 

I knowww, I know, I know- it's hard. Unfortunately, that's no excuse. Let go of excuses and just be consistent.

Here's a few things I do to stay consistent: 

1. Prepare: AS MUCH AS FORSEEABLY POSSIBLE. Set your self up for success and you'll be successful. This may look like daily/weekly/monthly lists or goal setting for you. Maybe it's mental. I'm visual, I need to make a list and as I cross things off, I get a personal sense of gratification.  2. Set reminders & keep track of your progress: use the resources like your phone calendar, outlook, or @google calendar, to remind yourself of what you need to do/where you need to be next! When those reminders go off- hop to it. Allow them to serve their purpose. 3. Commit: prioritize your dreams, goals, etc. in one year you'll look back and be SO glad you started and stayed committed. Commit in the small things and that will result in the overarching goals! Commit every single day. Don't be lazy either... you have some extra time to work on that vision? Do it. You'll thank yourself later.

Everyone's journey is different! REMEMBER THAT! So when you see what looks like success on other people don't get discouraged. IF you stay consistent you'll get there too!  

I can't wait to see you get there!

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