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Limits & Boundaries

"That sounds like a fun opportunity. I'm not available now, but reach out again in the future."

Some of us are great at setting boundaries. Some of us need a little help. And lots of us changed what we're willing to take on after the past two years. It's been said before, but let's say it loud for the people in the's okay to say no!

Here are four areas of your entrepreneur life for you to think about what your boundaries are.

1. TIME Your 16 waking hours are yours to spend (because you're getting at least 8 hours of sleep, right?!?!).

2. MONEY You're keeping your books tight, with an eye on profits. You are finding creative free & cheap ways to satisfy your business's needs and putting a pin in the "wants."

3. BRAINPOWER You may have the time and money to take on something new, but if you don't have the bandwidth, give yourself the grace to sit the next one out.

4. PHYSICAL STRENGTH Your body tells you no...listen! You're no good to anything if you hurt yourself or push yourself beyond your capabilities.

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