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Managing Customer Expectations

Customer expectations have grown. Luckily, there's plenty you can do about it.

In this time of Bezos, we've all been spoiled with overnight shipping or lenient return policies. Unfortunately, these big box stores set customer expectations that small businesses can have a hard time matching. Here are three easy business practices that will keep both your customers and bottom line happy.

1. Under promise, over sell. This is a Golden Rule of business for a reason. It's much better to say, for example, that a product won't be shipped until Monday even if you think you can get it out by Friday. Leave your customer pleasantly surprised, not disappointed.

2. State your policies. Be sure to inform customers of all of your policies, like shipping, returns and other issues. An FAQ section of your website could be a great place for this.

3. Communicate about orders. Keep customers in the loop with what's happening with their purchase. Send a email letting them know the order was received and will be process, let them know when it ships, and follow up when it should've arrived. Finally, you could send a request for feedback if they feel satisfied or a way to correct the situation if they have a problem.

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