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The Power of Vision Boarding

Who doesn't love a good mood board? Positive quotes, beautiful scenes, happy faces, money.

Apparently Vision Boards have been around for centuries according to Vision Board Manifesting and Vision Boarding have taken on a whole new popularity.

I've known about vision boards and mood boards for years now. Yet, I never really prioritized creating one for myself.

Truthfully, I just didn't see the point. At the time, I was a lot more pragmatic as a person. Not as much of a dreamer. I also did not realize how much my thoughts prohibited the manifestation of my dreams.

Enter, With Honors, an expert led mentor series that I joined in early December. The first live workshop I participated in was dedicated to the topic of Vision Boards. The host, provided granular guidance on the importance of creating the space for setting intentions in order to manifest your wildest dreams. She talked about: reflecting on the past year, determining what it was you wanted to leave behind. And meditating on what it is you want to call in (in the new year).

The workshop discussed how to source images that help you visualize the life you see yourself living. The parting focus was how important it is to ensure you see your vision board, often.

I took all this information in and meditated for several weeks before I actually created my own vision board. It took me weeks to nail down all the behaviors I needed to leave in 2020. It took me even longer to identify exactly what it was I wanted to call-in or manifest (since that word is trending).

Once I finally did sit down and create my own vision board, it was like a full on ritual. I centered myself, wrote down all the words that represented the life, mindset, career and business I envisioned for myself. Then, I cut out all the pictures that represented how I wanted to feel, what I wanted to create and the impact I wanted to make. I got really granular, creating separate boards for my personal vision, professional career and business. Then I posted my creation right next to my workspace and took pictures of so that I could set the boards as backgrounds on my phone, seeing it every time I looked at it.

To be honest, when I was making my vision board I had some skepticism. However, within days I saw my vision board working like magic. Travel is one of my favorite things to do. Naturally, I added images that represent travel and adventure. Of course I did not expect much travel or adventure in 2021 given the current climate and limitations on going places. Yet, in less than 4 weeks I've already been on two trips to places I had never been but always wanted to go.

More importantly, I find myself more intentional. Reflecting on why I do things and whether or not they align with the vision I have of my highest self. I'm less reactive and I am constantly taking the time to ensure my actions are aligned with moving the needle towards my goals.

The truth is, there was a period where I hesitated to follow through with creating the vision board. A moment, where I accepted the lie that I was unworthy of creating one. I thought to myself, "what's the point, it won't work." Then while swiping left through Instagram stories, I stumbled upon Sophia Amoruso's story. Sophia shared the outline she was planning to follow to create her own vision board and goal set for 2021.

The moment I saw these slides I thought, "If the person I want to be like is doing this, I better do it too."

I've recently learned that all the "A-players," religiously create vision boards, annually. It is a small part of what contributes to their abundant success.

There is scientific evidence that supports the power of visualization and vision boarding. And because I saw such immediate positive outcomes I had to research the scientific evidence. Psychotherapist, Dr. Cathryne Maciolek routinely uses visualization techniques to treat her patients suffering from Anxiety and Depression. According to Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, of the Psychology of Dress; in 1987, when Jim Carey was only a struggling comic, he visualized a successful and lucrative career. To make his vision concrete, he wrote himself a check for $10 million for "acting services rendered" dated for Thanksgiving of 1995, which he placed in his wallet. By 1995, Carey was already an established comedic actor commanding far more than $10 million per picture.

Simply put, if we are tired of living reactively, tired of being victims of our own circumstances we must take actions towards how we visualize our lives. No more playing small. No more self-doubt. No more negative self talk. Own your greatness, and take the steps to manifest it. Yes, it's already January 24th, NO, it is not too late to create your 2021 vision board, because you are worthy.

Here's my 2021 Vision Board:

If you need even more granular guidance on creating the vision board that will help you manifest your goals we encourage you to take our drop in course: 2021 Vision Board/Goal Setting. We provide details on the step by step process for creating a vision board that will manifest your dreams. Find the tools to help you get there and hold yourself accountable.

<3 Taylar

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