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Three Of The Most Resilient Career Paths To Consider Pursuing During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Finding a new career, or entering the workforce for the first time, amidst a global pandemic can seem like a daunting task. With millions shoved out of work due to the chaos, how can one possibly know where to begin with their job hunt? Identifying a career that is surviving through this pandemic is the best bet for anyone entering or reentering the workforce.

For the most part, the resilient careers surviving Covid-19 are all based in tech. Technology has enabled remote work to succeed and, without modern advances, the workforce may have suffered a more devastating blow than it already has. To that end, here are three of the most resilient tech careers to consider pursuing in order to cement a long-lasting career in the future of work:

Web Design

The first career on this list is one that requires little tech skill. It would be unreasonable to assume that everybody has an interest in all things tech and tech-intensive skills, but web design is a career that requires little. For the most part, an eye for creativity and willingness to learn how to apply design to computers is all that someone needs.

While becoming a web designer may seem difficult on the surface, the process is relatively simple, as covered by Bootcamp Rankings, and can be done by anyone of any age. As far as tech careers go, web design is a field that has a lower barrier to entry than most, which makes it appealing to those who don’t want to spend months or years picking up heavy tech skills.

A career in web design is best suited for those who enjoy creating designs from scratch. Web designers are responsible for creating all of the aesthetic components of a website, as well as the components of a website that visitors interact with. Without web designers, websites would be quite bare and boring to visit.

Data Science

Getting a little more tech-intensive, data science is a career path that provides a lucrative salary and interesting work in return for mastery of a few more tech skills. Essentially, data scientists analyze vast amounts of data and focus on turning that data into something meaningful for the company or client they work for.

As the sheer amount of data circulating the Internet continues to increase, data scientists will become extremely important. Without data scientists, no one would be able to successfully interpret the information data tells. This need is reflected by the fact that data science is one of the fastest-growing professions in the job market currently.

As mentioned earlier, becoming a data scientist is typically a more difficult process that requires an ability to sift through large amounts of data and spot patterns or trends, and some data scientists even use skills with coding. Becoming a data scientist requires a fascination with all these aspects of the job, but if it interests you then consider following this career path.


The last job on this list is also the most technical by far. Cybersecurity analysts are responsible for protecting the vast amounts of data circulating on the Internet. Without these professionals, all of your data would be at risk of hackers. Cybersecurity specialists work with companies and various clients to secure that data and protect information.

As you may have guessed based on the description, this is a career path that is filled with heavy tech skills, but if you have the desire to enter this field, consider attending a trade school near you. Trade schools can help you learn targeted careers in just under a year for most cases, which makes them far quicker than their traditional master’s degree counterparts.


Don’t settle for a career in a dying industry when you can enter one of the above paths and elevate your career today. Entering the workforce during a pandemic is daunting to be sure, but certainly not impossible. Focus on the skills you have now and how they may be applicable to the future of work or existing career paths. There’s no purpose in entering an industry that will be gone in a matter of years, so focus on finding the careers that are set to survive for the long haul. While this isn’t exclusively tech jobs, you’re likely to be far better off in tech. Take the steps needed today to launch your new career.

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