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10 Vendors to Visit at Sip Shop Eat NYC!

Now we all have fan favorites & it wouldn't be fair if I didn't let you know where I plan to spend money May 14th-15th with Sip Shop Eat at Hooks Studios! This is not to say I won't grab even more than I plan to because there are so many choices. With our amazing vendors in Fashion, Jewelry, Decor, Beauty, Self-care, Food, & Drinks you are not going to want to leave empty handed! I have my eye on a couple of prizes in no particular order here are the Small Businesses I am excited to visit!

We ultimately want to make sure you come for the VIBES! In which we have so many small businesses that would love to create an amazing shopping experience for you. If you have never been to Paris here is your chance to get a taste of the French way of life. Two days for you to say Oui! Purchase your tickets here for Sip Shop Eat May 14th & May 15th event at Hooks Studio. Bring a friend or two to share a drink with because we are bringing you a fun filled weekend of shopping & positivity!

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