The Black-Owned Beauty Brand that should be on everyone's lips.

Meet Dazed by Daisy, a Brooklyn based beauty brand, new to the cosmetic scene. The Brand launched in 2018 after owner and founder, Maryah Daisy completed her Cosmetology education. Dazed by Daisy launched with creatively themed lip glosses like: Miami, Keep me Dazed, Pineapple Kush, Muava and Melanin. Each of which, resembles the pigments their names reflect.

We've tried the Melanin gloss and can attest to the luxuriously crafted quality which made our lips feel beautiful, colorful, moisturized and nourished. The lip gloss serves as both the make-up and moisture, lips regularly need. In less than a year, the brand quickly grown to expand the line to including all of the following:

  1. Luxe Hyaluronic Acid Strawberry lip mask, which intensely heals cracked skin, replenishes & locks, moisture back into the skin as it has the ability to carry over 1,000x it’s weight in water, making it one of the most HYDRATING ingredients in skincare. Don’t get caught out here with peeling, cracked lips this winter! This product works best with the Dazed by Daisy Luxe Lip scrub which comes in 4 different flavors.

  2. Enhancing lash and brow serum for broken, frail or patchy eyebrows and lashes. Scientifically formulated to stimulate lash and brow growth and restoration.

  3. Luxe Lip Scrub, designed to remove dead and dry skin leaving lips: brighter, plumper and smoother.

  4. Bulgarian Rose Infused cuticle oil, A winter essential for maintaining healthy, growing nails.

We love this Brand for their lightning fast shipping and free gifts included in each order. Plus, each season features a new line of seasonally themed glosses. This fall, they launched their Apple Cider gloss which not only warms the lips with a magnificent apple cider smell but reminds you of the Holidays at Grandma’s. The shades are so rich & vibrant in color, making it the ultra moisturizing gloss a must have!

Want to sample a little bit of the entire Dazed by Daisy collection, just order the Mystery Box and sample 5 of their products at one time. We know you'll be hooked.

Shop The Entire Dazed by Daisy line in the SSE Virtual Pop-UP, click over to the Dazed by Daisy online store and keep up with Dazed by Daisy on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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YUP, we're Black Owned 

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